Philippine startup Mobkard raises $375K for its customer loyalty app

IdeaSpace President Earl Martin Valencia, Globaltronics CEO William Guido, and The Kard co-founders Francis Uy and Carlo Calimon.

Philippine startup The Kard has raised US$375,000 (PHP 17 million) in a funding round led by local digital signage advertising firm Globaltronics.

The startup, which is part of the first batch of teams incubated by IdeaSpace, says the money will allow it to extend the use of its location-based loyalty solutions service to the general public through the Mobkard app.

The Kard initially focused on the so-called business-to-communities market and created loyalty solutions apps for over 14 businesses and organizations, including the AIM Alumni, Ateneo Graduate School of Business Alumni, La Salle Green Hills Alumni, PLDT SME Nation, and SM Global Pinoy, and their partner merchants.

While the company continues to do this, it has expanded its service for use by any merchant through the Mobkard app that’s available for download on the App Store and Google Play Store.

Consumers using the app will get instant access to shopping information, as well as exclusive privileges and deals from a wide array of brands across multiple categories. Using the “near me” tab, they will see what’s currently on offer in stores where they are.

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Diablo 3 Pays Tribute to Blizzard Employee Who Died of Cancer

Blizzard has revealed a key feature of Diablo III’s upcoming patch 2.3.0 was created to honour a former employee who passed away from cancer last year.

The patch is set to introduce something called Kanai’s Cube, the precursor the Horadric Cube introduced in Diablo II and used to upgrade items. In Diablo III it will offer you a huge range of options when it comes to item customisation and holds the potential to extract a Legendary power from an item. All in all, it sounds pretty cool.

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Smart Spreadsheet Service Blockspring Raises $3.4 Million

Blockspring, a service that connects to spreadsheets like Excel and Google Spreadsheets to easier import data, said it has raised $3.4 million. Instead of having to write specific code to import and sort data in a spreadsheet, Blockspring has several connections to services like Bing Search that will automatically populate spreadsheets with data. The company plans to release several… Read More …read more

Cloud Platform EaseMob Scoops Up $12.5M USD Funding Led by Sequoia Capital

China’s cloud communications startup EaseMob has secured $12.5 million USD in Series B funding from returning investors of Sequoia Capital, Matrix Partners China and SIG China. The company also launched the 3.0 version for mobile build-in customer services.

EaseMob is really on a roll since last year. The current round followed three successive financing rounds in 2014, a 5 million RMB (roughly $805,500 USD) angel round from Matrix Partners China in May, a $5 million USD Series A from SIG China in August and a $3 million USD from Sequoia Capital in October.

EaseMob is a PAAS cloud platform that allows developers to integrate instant messaging, voice and data services to their apps by providing open API and SDK packages. It offers full support for Android, iOS and web platforms. As of H1 2015, the services has accumulated 23,062 apps, while its SDK covers 251 million end customers.

A Sequoia Capital representative said the follow-up investment was triggered by the huge potential of the customer service market in China, the excellent team, as well as healthy growth within the company. According to the venture capitalist, EaseMob’s key performances indexes on customer base, daily messages, and DAU surged rapidly in …read more

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Here’s What Windows 10 Does For Gamers

Microsoft has outlined what the upcoming Windows 10 update will bring to gamers, including details on the new Xbox App.

In a post on the Xbox Wire, Microsoft details some “of the many” key reasons the new Xbox App will improve gaming for Xbox One players who also have Windows 10 devices.

“Windows 10 is kind of a big deal,” states Microsoft. “With countless improvements and pantloads of new features, it’s putting a whole new face on the personal computing world. But of course, what we’re most excited about are gaming features – and fortunately, Windows 10 is bringing with it a renewed focus on gaming. One of the most visible elements is the new Xbox app.”

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Adorably Interfere With Wizards in Tsioque

When the wizard took over the kingdom of crescent and double star, he likely prepared for reprisal. He probably bulked up defenses against warriors battering down his gates and cast counterspells to stop other intruding wizards. What he didn’t anticipate was the machinations of a young princess he carelessly threw into the dungeon, nor the destructive, disruptive capabilities this little girl held. Not that Princess Tsioque has any special ability or holy power – she’s just an intelligent girl with an unbreakable spirit, endless courage, and the ability to wreck the particular kind of havoc only a small child can.

Your troublemaking adventures will look wonderful in this animated point and click adventure. Ohnoo! Studio, fresh off of the creation of Tormentum – Dark Sorrow, have turned their substantial artistic abilities to animation, crafting a playable cartoon adventure. This style has given Tsioque, both the game and heroine, a bouncy, playful life, infusing it with charm. Tsioque‘s preliminary movements from the trailer are cute, and it’s fun to watch the poor child clumsily navigating the crypts and hallways of the wizard’s dangerous castle. It’s not often I find myself enamored …read more