‘Dinofour’ Review – Craig, Stop Eating Crayons

Dinofour [$1.99] is a charming retro-inspired puzzle platformer where the goal is to guide four dinosaurs to their egg at the end of the level. Each of the four dinosaurs has a different color and power to assist you on your quest: red breathes fire, green can move boulders, blue can fly, and purple can manipulate gravity to walk on the ceiling. The game was created by the new indie developer Craigeatscrayons and is the first launch of the Melbourne-based company. As far as first projects go, Dinofour set the bar high with playful yet challenging level design, interesting mechanics, and a vast amount of available content, including 3 worlds, over 70 levels, and secret areas and collectibles.

The dino-powers aren’t in themselves innovative, even the gravity shifting one, arguably the most “unique” of the four, is reminiscent of games like 2010’s VVVVVV on Steam. Rather, the hook of the game comes from the interplay between the four dinos and the creative ways their powers complement each other from level to level. Not every level utilizes every dino, so there are hundreds of combinations available to keep things fresh and interesting. One level may have ice blocks and …read more

The Behemoth’s Game 4 Gets an Official Title

Previously known as Game 4, the fourth game from Castle Crashers developer The Behemoth is officially titled Pit People.

The developer revealed the title on its official blog today, explaining the Pit is an area in the game where a “key moment in the story” takes place. The developer refers to this area as “the place where our story’s heroes get a fresh start in life.”

The Behemoth went back to its earliest work on Pit People to find the title, as it was actually written on the game’s original concept sketch. “In the end, we’re in the beginning!!!!!!!!!!,” the developer wrote.

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The Features Left On The Sidelines Of The Last-Gen Sports Games

The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are finally picking up steam, but plenty of gamers still don’t have either of those systems. Furthermore, most of the upcoming sports titles are still coming out for the PS3 and Xbox 360. The only major sports games sitting on the sideline this year on the older platforms are NBA Live 16 and Rory McElroy PGA Tour. What are the differences between the old-gen and new-gen versions of your favorite sports franchise? We looked into these upcoming series to find out.

The old-gen versions of these games won’t look as good as the ones on the PS4 or Xbox One, of course, but here are the other differences we’ve found so far.

Madden NFL 16 (PS3/360) – August 25

One of the big new features of the new-gen version is the interaction between receivers and defensive backs – including timed button presses for different types of catches – but this feature is not coming to the PS3 and 360 versions. A representative told us this was due to technical restrictions with the old systems. The old-gen versions will support the updated XP goals system, but these are not surfaced in the game and during drives.

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Massive Chalice Review

I love an element of randomness in single-player turn-based tactical games – it can force you to adapt on the fly when your plans go sideways, and sometimes gives you the thrill of pressing an unexpected advantage. Massive Chalice, though, overdoses on that good thing. Its Game of Thrones-meets-XCOM concept is a good one, but when your soldiers can be suddenly struck down not just by a lucky shot from an enemy but also by natural causes like hereditary heart disease, and entire castles can be destroyed by unpredictable events on the strategic map, there’s an overabundance of opportunities to lose one of these long 300-year campaigns through no fault of your own.

At first, setting up multiple noble houses representing character classes and then cross-breeding them to create hybrid classes through arranged marriages seems like a fantastic idea for a strategic management layer of a squad-tactics game. Hitch a melee-focused Caberjack to a stealth-ranged Hunter, and their offspring is a Shadowjack who can sneak up on enemies and bash their faces in at close range. Wed that same Caberjack to an area-of-effect Alchemist, and you get a Boomstriker with a powerful shotgun-like short-range attack cone. Combine that with various armor …read more

‘Trappy Tomb’ Review – Run, Run, Or You’ll Be Well-Done!

I don’t know about everyone else, but for my money, the best part of using a tomb-raiding setting for a story is when the main character has to escape from a collapsing death-trap. I’m not sure why ancient civilizations would rig things to collapse in such a precise and deadly manner, or how annoying it must have been when they were setting it up and Bob accidentally tripped the whole thing just before the last piece was set, but watching someone try to outrace a series of perfectly-timed traps lest they be buried in the very location they sought to loot never gets old. With the rise of Indiana Jones happening almost in step with the booming popularity of early home gaming, it’s not surprising we’ve seen many interactive takes on the concept. When it’s done well, it’s just as exhilarating to play as it is to watch. Trappy Tomb [Free] is a relatively simple game that focuses exactly on that kind of escape sequence, and while it has some issues, a few clever ideas help smooth things over.

Basically, Trappy Tomb is an overhead platformer. You run your little guy around, jump over pits, collect golden idols, and jump-kick …read more

Thomas Kern of FDG Entertainment on the Importance of Supporting TouchArcade

Yesterday in our Patreon post we heard from the one and only Justin Smith, the evil genius behind the totally insane Enviro-Bear 2010 [$1.99] and several other indie titles we love. I’m kind of trying to flip back and forth between tiny indie devs and larger studios, so today we’re alternating to FDG Entertainment, a studio which has released and/or published so many great games it’s hard to pick one to highlight. I guess most people would know Oceanhorn [$8.99] but they’ve got a full catalog of similar awesome premium games that fit directly into the mold of what people around here are always looking for.

If for some insane reason you missed out on the whole Oceanhorn phenomenon, you should do something about that. Here’s the trailer:

And here’s Thomas, one of the point men behind the company who has brought such radial things to the App Store:

I’m Thomas, one of the three founders of FDG Entertainment. We’ve produced mobile games since 2002 and started with black and white J2ME games for feature phones. When the iPhone came out we began to look for related sites in 2008 and immediately got …read more