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‘Leo’s Fortune’ Publisher Tilting Point Releasing ‘Languinis” Worldwide This Week

Publisher Tilting Point is bringing Languinis out worldwide this Thursday, April 14th, after a soft launch in countries like Canada. The game is a combination of match-3 puzzlers and word games, where you’ll be making color matches to uncover word tiles, and then forming words from the letters that are uncovered. Seems a bit like Puzzlejuice [$1.99] but with more of a Bejweled [Free] twist rather than Tetris [$0.99]. Also, you can form words from any tiles, rather than having to link adjacent ones together. Seems like an interesting mix!

This one’s been available in Canada, though a final released version will make its way out this Thursday worldwide. It’ll be interesting to see just how this mix of word and puzzle game plays out – it is an established mixture, but even as we saw from Spelltower [$1.99] compared to Puzzlejuice, two games working from a similar origin point, you can get radically-different experiences from similar ideas.

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Classic Star Wars Vs. Prequel Trilogy In Disney Infinity 3.0

While the debate about which Star Wars trilogy reigns supreme is relatively lopsided at this point, Avalanche Software was forced to rekindle the debate when deciding which trilogy’s playset would come bundled with the game. During our studio visit for our June cover story on Disney Infinity 3.0, we spoke with the vice president of production for Disney Infinity, John Vignocchi, and the senior vice president and general manager of Avalanche, John Blackburn, about the factors behind their decision.

Watch the video below to get your first extended look at gameplay from Disney Infinity 3.0.

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‘Final Fantasy: Record Keeper’ – How to Unlock Rinoa Heartilly

This week’s Final Fantasy: Record Keeper [Free] event is important for a few reasons. First, it’s the English version’s first exposure to the Final Fantasy 8 record, complete with excellent sprite-representations of the game’s enemies. Second, it’s the first challenge event to offer an Elite equivalent for the event (complete with harder enemies, better loot, and higher stamina costs). Finally, it offers the opportunity to unlock FF8‘s Rinoa, which is the first FF:RK character available and is an interesting character in her own right. In typical fashion, we’ve run through the event and have a few pearls if wisdom to impart as we go on the hunt to dispatch Edea.

Elite Dungeon Tips

As we mentioned earlier, this event sees the debut of Elite equivalents of the game’s weekly challenge events. Thus, after you unlock Rinoa at the end of the ‘Classic’ mode, you have the option of trying out the Elite equivalents (technically you can start the elite dungeons after mastering the classic ones, but I’m assuming you want to unlock Rinoa first). if you plan on mastering the elite dungeon you’re going to have to make sure you go in well prepared.

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These Are the Greatest Star Wars Games of All Time

The Star Wars galaxy is a perfect fit for nearly any video game, thanks to its enormous and varied collection of races, careers, characters and settings. But which games set in a galaxy far, far away are the best of the bunch? We’ve broken it down – below you’ll find the 9 greatest Star Wars games ever made:

This side-scrolling Super NES adaptation of Episode IV takes some liberties with the story told in the movie. For example, there was never a time where Luke had to battle a “Sarlacc Pit Monster” in a bed of quicksand on Tatooine’s Dune Sea, but that’s how the first level of the game ends. Despite this, the game was able to do a great job in the constraints of the 16-bit era in recreating the look, feel, and sound of the first Star Wars movie. It still holds up today, even if it doesn’t make a lot of sense, but at the time it was an incredible electronic use of the Star Wars license.

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