Michael Brough Just Released ‘P1 Select’ Which Is a New ‘Broughlike’ On the App Store Over the Weekend

Over the weekend, the fantastic Michael Brough of 868-HACK and Imbroglio fame released P1 Select ($2.99) on the App Store. The way this game came into existence is very interesting. Michael Brough made a game for a game jam dedicated to ‘Broughlike’ games. Instead of trying something completely new, Michael decided to make a game like his others for the game jam. He liked it so much that he ended up releasing it (after more work obviously) and it is now on the App Store as P1 Select.

P1 Select is a mini ‘broughlike’ experience about collecting rings and gathering pyramids in a set of nine randomly generated levels. It has nine different playable characters and looks structurally similar to one of my favourite games Imbroglio. P1 Select has leaderboards as well to show off your high scores. It is worth noting that as of this writing, the game doesn’t have full iPhone X screen size support going by some screenshots on Twitter and the high scores screen has some visual issues because of this. Michael Brough did say he will be fixing that though.

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Monster Hunter: World Iceborne Will Have a Harder Endgame

Capcom had made the endgame of Monster Hunter: World Iceborne more challenging than the base game’s in response to feedback from fans.

Talking to Game Informer, executive director and art director Koname Fujioka said “We’ve taken that feedback to heart from players who wanted more difficulty and more challenge and really delivered on that.”

Before you can hit Iceborne’s endgame, you need to have finished Monster Hunter: World’s main story. For those who have not yet reached that milestone, Capcom have included a few features to make getting through the story a little quicker. A streamlined tracking system, for instance, should make discovering monsters a little quicker.

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Cambridge Uni graphene spin-out bags $16M to get its first product to market

Cambridge, UK based graphene startup, Paragraf, has closed a £12.8 million (~$16M) Series A round of funding led by early stage VC Parkwalk. Also investing this round: IQ Capital Partners, Amadeus Capital Partners and Cambridge Enterprise, the commercialisation arm of the University of Cambridge, plus several unnamed angel investors.

The funding will be used to bring the 2015-founded Cambridge University spin out’s first graphene-based electronics products to market — transitioning the startup into a commercial, revenue-generating phase.

When we covered Paragraf’s $3.9M seed raise just over a year ago CEO and co-founder Dr Simon Thomas told us it was looking to raise a Series A ahead of Q3 2019 so the business looks to be right on track at this stage.

During the seed phase Paragraf says it was able to deliver a manufacturing facility, graphene layer production and first device prototypes “significantly” ahead of plan.

It’s now switching focus to products — with strategic volume device production partners, and commercialisation of its first device: A super-high sensitivity magnetic field detector which it says …read more

Valve Just Released the First Prototype Battle Pass for ‘Dota Underlords’ and It Is Free for All Beta Players

After releasing Steam Link and Steam Chat Valve continuied to surprise me by announcing Dota Underlords (Free) for iOS and Android in open beta in addition to the PC version that is delivered via Steam. I say surprised because we all know how things were going when Apple rejected Steam Link for their vague as usual reasons. With Auto Chess finally expanding to mobile and being available for all, it has been interesting seeing Valve push out updates for Dota Underlords which is Valve’s standalone Auto Chess game so often on iOS. Over the weekend, they announced the Proto Pass.

Dota Underlords on iOS and Android has full cross platform play and progression across mobile and PC platforms once you link you Steam account and login. All players right now get access to the free Proto Pass. As the name suggests, this is a prototype battle pass that lets players unlock emotes, banners, new board types, and more. There will be weekly and daily challenges for this. As with everything Dota Underlords, Valve wants feedback on this Proto Pass so they can make sure the real Season 1 Pass has no issues.

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Hero Labs raises £2.5M for its ultrasonic device to monitor a property’s water use and prevent leaks

Hero Labs, a London-based startup that is developing “smart” technology to help prevent water leaks in U.K. properties, has raised £2.5 million in seed funding. The round is led by Earthworm Group, an environmental fund manager, with further support via a £300,000 EU innovation grant and a number of unnamed private investors.

The new capital will be used by Hero Labs to accelerate development of its first product: a smart device dubbed “Sonic” that uses ultrasonic technology to monitor water use within a property, including the early detection of water leaks.

Founded in 2018 by Krystian Zajac after he exited Neos, a smart home insurer that was acquired by Aviva, Hero Labs was born out of the realisation that a lot of smart home technology either wasn’t very smart or didn’t solve mass problems (Zajac had also previously ran a smart home company focusing on ultra high net-worth individuals that delivered bespoke designs for things like motorised swimming pool floors or home cinemas doubling up as panic rooms).

Coupled with this, the Hero Labs founder learned that water wastage was a very costly problem, both financially and environmentally, with water leaks being the number one culprit for property damage in the U.K. …read more

‘Dragalia Lost’ Gets New Quests for The Mercurial Gauntlet, a New Chapter for the Main Campaign, and a New Weekend Quest Event Beginning Today

Dragalia Lost (Free) version 1.9.0 recently released for both iOS and Android. Read about the update here. Nintendo has started off this week with quite a bit of Dragalia Lost content including a new chapter for the main campaign, new quests, and more. Having played Dr. Mario World I’m glad Nintendo is still supporting Dragalia Lost and Fire Emblem Heroes because I enjoy them a lot more.

For the main campaign, Chapter 9: The Princess’ Party has been added. The prince and his friends try to make their way to Chanzelia after a surprise invitation from Princess Chelle. You can access this chapter after completing Chapter 8 / 5-4. Astral Raids will arrive beginning July 20th in Event Quests. Hypnos is the featured boss for the raid and you can take part by using Astral Pieces earned from the main campaign and event quests. On The Mercurial Gauntlet side of things, Wind Level 41-50 and Flame Level 21-50 have been added.

Dragalia Lost is free to play on iOS and Android Read our review of it <a target="_blank" rel="nofollow" …read more