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Xbox Kinects Are Allegedly Being Used as Surveillance Cameras

Newark Liberty International Airport has an unexpected new security system: the Xbox Kinect motion controller.

Jason Scott, a video game historian and archivist, tweeted photos from a recent visit to the Newark International airport that shows Kinect devices allegedly being used to monitor the crowds moving through the airport. The sensors are attached to a long arm that extends out over the terminal from hanging monitor screens

TSA is now using Xbox Kinects for surveillance in the Newark airport. Good job tech, slow clap, Microsoft

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Bandai Namco’s Modern Revival ‘Galaga Wars’ Updated with Ship from ‘Galaga ’88’ as New DLC

One example of a retro revival done right in my eyes is Namco’s Galaga Wars (Free), which was released back in early November of 2016. Jeez, has it really been that long? Anyway, Galaga Wars takes the iconic ship and bug-like enemies from the original Galaga, gives them a 3D makeover, and packages it up in a more modern mobile style with randomly generated levels and a persistent upgrade system. And it’s not just THE iconic ship from the original game, but Galaga Wars offers several unlockable ships from a number of Namco’s classic arcade shooters, like the ships from Xevious, Galaxian, and Starblade.

Namco has been pretty good about adding in new ships post-release too, and these tend to be a bit quirkier than the original lineup with a Pac-Man ship, the biplane from SkyKid, and even the Prince of All Cosmos from Katamari Damacy. And, even nearly three years after its original release, Namco is back at it with a new playable ship, this one from one of the series’ OTHER retro revivals Galaga ’88.

As with the other additional ships in the game, the Galaga ’88 Blast Fighter will …read more

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TurboGrafx-16 Mini Preorders Are Now Live

UPDATE: Preorders for the TurboGrafx-16 Mini are now live at Amazon.

The next device to take up a slightly-smaller than normal amount of space in your entertainment center, the TurboGrafx-16 Mini, has a release date of March 19, 2020.

Additionally, Konami revealed the full list of games coming to the system, 26 of which are “PC Engine titles in their original Japanese language.”

Here’s the full list of English-language games coming to TurboGrafx-16 Mini:

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‘The Game: The Game’ Explores the Unsettling Manipulations of Male Pick-Up Artists

Created through years of research by developer Angela Washko, The Game: The Game has you detecting and deflecting the advances of prominent ‘seduction coaches.’

Using a dating simulator/visual novel approach, you’ll be met with the manipulative techniques of six different pick up artists. Their actions have been researched via the instructional texts and videos of real world pick-up artists, allowing you to witness and deal with their tactics in a safe space, as well as see how their manipulations come together.

The Game: The Game is a deeply upsetting game to experience, but a vital exploration into the work that is done to manipulate femme-presenting individuals into sex. However, to truly see the depths of how these manipulations work, you’ll need to play along with the questions and actions of these digital scumbags to their conclusion. Saying that it may be difficult to stomach these techniques to their end is putting it lightly, but there’s much to be learned by seeing the whole manipulation laid bare.

The visual style only makes this experience more uncomfortable. The predatory eyes of the hyper-realistic pick up artists cleave through your humanity. You can feel that you’re being hunted, not spoken with. Mixed with the disorienting …read more

Game Devs Speak Out Against Ubisoft’s HitRecord Partnership


Following the social media outcry on Twitter, Ubisoft has issued a new statement defending its decision to partner with HitRecord on music for the upcoming Watch Dogs 3. In a message posted on the official Watch Dogs Twitter account, Ubisoft says that any musical contributions from the HitRecord community for Watch Dogs 3 are “completely voluntary.”

On our partnership with HITRECORD. You can find more info here:

— Watch Dogs: Legion (@watchdogsgame) July 15, 2019

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Gearbox Confirms Borderlands 3 Cross-Play Details

Gearbox will reveal something related to the theme of “togetherness” tomorrow. But whatever it is, it won’t be a cross-play announcement for Borderlands 3.

Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford confirmed that whatever Borderlands 3’s “Celebration of Togetherness” reveal is tomorrow it has nothing to do with cross-play. Instead, Pitchford assured fans that even if cross-play won’t be announced tomorrow, the online feature will hopefully come to Borderlands 3 after launch.

Last week, the official Borderlands 3 Twitter account posted an invitation to a new Borderlands 3 livestream event for Tuesday, July 16. The invitation was for an event titled, “Celebration of Togetherness.”

Fans saw the invitation as a teaser for cross-play in Borderlands 3. Having cross-play would mean that players could enjoy Borderlands 3 with friends, regardless of which platform they owned Borderlands 3 on. Xbox One Borderlands 3 owners could play together with PS4 or PC players, and vice versa.

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How Assassin’s Creed Vikings Could Bring the Franchise Full Circle

After Assassin’s Creed made its debut back in 2007, the battle between The Templar and The Assassins went on to have 9 main series games before Ubisoft finally decided to slow things down a bit. Five years and four games after the completion of Assassin’s Creed III, Assassin’s Creed: Origins, later followed by Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey, served as origin stories for the Brotherhood of Assassins.

While both games brought a lot to the table regarding the establishment of the Hidden Ones (the pre-Assassins Assassins), they also leave some big questions lingering in the air: how will the rumored Vikings-era Assassin’s Creed lead into the formation of the Assassins Brotherhood, and what does it mean for our modern-day heroes?

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Playing College Football In Madden

College football fans are still waiting for the mess between the NCAA and athletes regarding compensation to resolve itself so companies like EA Sports can get back to putting out video games.

In the meantime, modders have taken matters into their own hands using the PC version of Madden NFL 19 to wedge the college game into the NFL title the best they can. One of the latest, called College Football Mod 19 (CFBM19), replaces the NFL’s 32 teams in Play Now mode with the pre-season top 25 college teams (plus seven others) and also includes rosters and some college-only rules.

I recently played the mod, and found it an easy – albeit limited – way to experience the college game.

Installing the PC mod (via the Operation Sports forums) is simple. One of its creators, TheBleedingRed21, has easy-to-follow instructions in both video and text form for downloading and installing the mod. There is also a roster file (with one update already out) of real-life players as well as an optional file of custom gameplay settings. Other small things to note: The mod only uses DX11, and it’s launched through the Frosty …read more

SwitchArcade Round-Up: ‘What Remains of Edith Finch’, ‘Professor Lupo and His Horrible Pets’, and ‘Nelly Cootalot’ Reviews, New Releases, Sales, and More

Hello gentle readers, and welcome to the SwitchArcade Round-Up for July 15th, 2019. Today we’ve got a trio of reviews for you to have a look at, along with some new releases, a few news tidbits, and a surprisingly robust list of new sales. Yes, I too was surprised that there were some games not already on sale. As always, we’ve got plenty of ground to cover, so let’s take off and see where we land!


Upcoming Update for ‘Crash Team Racing’ Addresses Loading Times

Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled is a really cool kart racing game that looks pretty darned amazing on the Switch considering the power gap between Nintendo’s hardware and the others. There’s one big problem with the Switch version, however, and that is how long the game takes to load. Sometimes you have to wait upwards of 45 seconds, which is definitely long enough to be a wet blanket. Well, it seems that the upcoming 1.05 update is going to make use of something called Boost Mode to improve those loading times. While we haven’t had anyone come out officially and talk about it, Nintendo recently did something similar with Breath of the Wild and Mario Odyssey. Basically, the …read more

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Cult Horror Game Devotion Will Not Be Re-Released After Joke About Chinese President

Taiwanese game developer Red Candle Games has issued a new statement on the status of its horror game, Devotion, which was pulled from Steam in February over a Winnie the -Pooh joke. And it appears the developers will not be re-releasing the game.

In its new statement, Red Candle confirmed it will not be putting Devotion back up for sale, following controversy about an included joke that referenced Chinese president Xi Jinping and Pooh together.

“For the past four months, the art asset incident related to ‘Devotion’ has caused immeasurable harm to Red Candle Games and our partner. We would like to offer our most sincere apology to all impacted teams and personnel,” the Red Candle Games team writes in a public Twitter statement.

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