Best-in-Show at Develop: Brighton: ‘Touch Type Tale’

By Jupiter Hadley

Real time strategy is not often paired up with the typing genre, but what Touch Type Tale has done in combining the two is simply amazing.

Being a real time strategy typing game, Touch Type Tale isn’t about being the fastest typer, but instead about making decisions and typing out the right words to aid your plans. Placed out in levels following various stories, you’ll need to decide how to spend your time. Your goal is normally to capture or defend an area, but how you will do that is up to you.

Creating soldiers costs money, which can be earned in a number of ways. You’ll need to type out the word of the build you want to access, then type out more words to play various mini-games that will earn you cash. From planting fields of wheat to mining some coal, you’ll soon end up with enough money to open your tavern and train your soldiers.

After you’ve gotten a bunch of soldiers ready, you can start typing the words by various lanes to lead them closer to the enemy. They will automatically attack and try to conquer buildings; you just need to lead the way. You can use …read more

Source:: GamaSutra

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