Apple Arcade: ‘The Mosaic’ Review – The dread of the average person

By Sergio Velasquez

You’ve probably familiar with Krillbite’s work. They’re the ones who brought us Among the Sleep, an awesome and scary game that showed us the horror of a broken home through the eyes of a baby. Such a cool and creative concept.

And now, they’re finally back with a new Apple Arcade game. This time we’re looking at the horrors of being an adult living a meaningless, monotonous life in a world that doesn’t care about you, leaving a void inside and craving any form of human attention. Did I go too far? I think I went too far.

The game is called The Mosaic. You play as an ordinary man, living an ordinary life in which nothing seems to happen. You have no partner, no friends, no one. You wake up to go to work to then go back to bed. You are isolated from a cold, dark world while still being part of it.

All this changes one day, as different things start to occur. Butterflies, musicians, and talking fish appear out of nowhere to help you understand that what you’re doing is not living.

Mosaic is not a scary game, but its environment is scary. …read more

Source:: Touch Arcade

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