January 2019

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Nintendo rumored to be working on a smaller, cheaper Switch

Remember when the rumor mill suggested that Nintendo was already working on a sequel to the Switch? Nintendo President Shuntaro Furukawa shut that down pretty quickly, saying that no successor was in the works.

Now the rumor mill has shifted gears: Rather than a whole new generation, the whispers suggest Nintendo is tinkering with a cheaper, more portable variation of the original.

The rumor stems from a report by Nikkei (Japan’s predominant financial newspaper), later translated by NintendoEverything. According to their translation, Nintendo “has informed multiple suppliers and game development companies that they intend to release them as early as 2019.”

While the Switch is already kinda-sorta portable, it’s also kinda-sorta not. In its handheld mode, it comes in at around 9.4 x 4 inches — the majority of which is made up of a big, oh-so-scratchable and fully exposed screen. Taking it on the road without some sort of hardshell case (which would further bulk things up) is pretty daunting — and then there’s the dock, which you’d need if you want to hook it up to a TV and get the system running at its full potential. You …read more

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Kano Confirmed for Mortal Kombat 11

Kano, the infamous mercenary with a cybernetic laser eye, is officially coming to Mortal Kombat 11.

Revealed on Twitter, Kano is shown as shirtless (as per usual) and is brandishing his knife. Kano’s appearance doesn’t come as too much of a surprise, as he’s one of the franchise’s original fighters and also appeared in Mortal Kombat X.

Greed personified.

Kano returns to Mortal Kombat in #MK11. https://t.co/1FVdgG6G1r pic.twitter.com/0TzPjq3LiS

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Nintendo Partnering with LINE for ‘Dr. Mario’ Mobile Game this Summer

Once again Niko Partners analyst Daniel Ahmad has some breaking news concerning Nintendo and their upcoming mobile plans. Announced today, Nintendo will be partnering with chat juggernaut LINE to produce a mobile game based on the Dr. Mario franchise. Titled Dr. Mario World, the game will be coming to both iOS and Android and is pegged for an early summer 2019 release, according to the official press statement. The game will be initially released in approxiamately 60 countries and regions, which will include both Japan and the United States. And as expected it’ll be free with optional in-app purchases.

Nintendo is partnering with LINE to create a Dr Mario mobile game.

It will be a puzzle game for smartphones planned to launch in Summer 2019. pic.twitter.com/dAOZOSS29i

— Daniel Ahmad (@ZhugeEX) January 31, 2019

As pointed out in a follow-up tweet by Ahmad, this will now be the third company Nintendo has partnered with to produce a mobile game. They worked with DeNA on Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp (Free) and CyGames on Dragalia Lost (Free). Hopefully we’ll be hearing more about Dr. Mario World in the coming weeks, and hopefully it won’t see any kind …read more

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Fallout 76 Temporarily Taken Offline After Patch Reintroduces Old Bugs

The Fallout 76 community is once again upset with Bethesda, as previously patched bugs were discovered following the release of Patch 5 earlier this week.

Bethesda took Fallout 76 offline for over an hour today to roll out a “hot fix” aimed at addressing those bugs. While the quick action to correct course is commendable, the incident has once again soured a community already fatigued by controversy and perceived mistreatment.

Patch 5, which was released on January 29, brought with it a long list of gameplay tweaks, such as capping carrying weight and rebalancing certain weapons and perks. The patch notes also include an even longer list of bug fixes, targeting everything from graphics and performance to quests and PvP. However, in they eyes of some players — many of whom can be found posting on the Fallout 76 subreddit — the problems introduced by the patch outweigh those it solved.

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Downwell Review – Polished Boots

Update: Three years on, Downwell continues to be a gripping, fast-paced action game that thrives by pushing you into taking huge, exciting risks. The new Switch version of the game is on par with other versions but carries a few unique pros and cons. Playing Downwell in the Switch’s standard handheld mode means that the vertical play area of the game is dramatically reduced in size, which makes it hard to follow the game’s frenetic action. On the other hand, the console’s unique capability to remove the Joycons and position the screen as you wish allows the game’s built-in tate mode (which optimizes the play area for vertical screens) is perfect for an undocked Switch, provided you have some method of safely propping up the body of the console at a 90-degree angle (

No platforms, no problem.

Each level is randomly generated, and there’s no way to stop and look ahead to gauge what enemies or traps may appear. There are pickups that increase your health, ammo capacity, and give you new kinds of weapons, but there’s no guarantee which pickups you might stumble across. End-of-level character upgrades give you useful abilities, such as causing blocks to explode into …read more

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Konami Confirms Global Release for ‘Castlevania: Grimoire of Souls’ this Year

Back in April of last year, Konami announced a new mobile entry in their decades-running Castlevania series. Like the more recent announcements of mobile entries in popular franchises, like Alien and Diablo, the console and PC crowd did not take kindly to the announcement. However, the game itself, titled Castlevania: Grimoire of Souls, actually sounded really cool. It features classic 2D side-scrolling gameplay but with characters, monsters, and environments all modeled in 3D, a style typically dubbed 2.5D. Like many mobile games in popular AAA franchises, Castlevania: Grimoire of Souls would feature multiple characters from throughout the series history and would also include the option for cooperative online play for up to 4 players. And as we all probably expected it would also be a free to play game. The month following its announcement, a closed beta test was conducted in Japan for Castlevania: Grimoire of Souls, resulting in various bits of random footage making its way onto YouTube, like in this following video.

One question everyone was wondering after the reveal of Castlevania: Grimoire of Souls was if it would in fact make its way outside of Japan. As we’ve come to …read more

Kleiner Perkins gets back to early stage with its $600M 18th fund

“KP used be a small team doing hands-on company building. We’re moving away from being this institution with multiple products and really just focusing on early stage venture capital” Kleiner Perkins partner Ilya Fushman tells me. 47 years after its founding, the storied venture fund is going “back to the future” with today’s announcement of a 18th fund — a $600 million fund for seed, Series A, and Series B financings. It’s investing across consumer, enterprise, hard tech, and fintech, looking for high-potential teams to help mold into unicorns.

Kleiner Perkins partner Ilya Fushman

“We went out to market to LPs. We got a lot of interest. We we were significantly oversubscribed” Fushman says of the firm’s raise.

Kleiner Perkins was recently rocked by the departure of legendary investor Mary Meeker. She brought along Kleiner partners Mood Rowghani, Noah Knauf, and Juliet de Baubigny and they’re reportedly raising a $1.25 billion growth fund called Bond. Fushman explained that with Kleiner refocusing on early stage, their funds will be well differentiated. “They’re going to focus on very late stage growth” while he described Kleiner fund 18 as a place where partners can “collaborate and create” alongside new …read more

How To Get The Most Out Of The Anthem Open Demo Weekend

Anthem’s VIP demo last weekend faced some struggles. While most players who had pre-ordered were eventually able to get in and explore some of the game, significant technical and networking problems plagued the weekend. The issues were so rampant BioWare was forced to make an announcement and offer some in-game gifts (once the real game launches) for participating players. Despite the problems, the beta revealed a game with a lot of potential.

Hopefully, this next, more public beta weekend goes better and players have a smoother experience. If you’re planning to hop in, we’ve compiled some recommendations from our team about their experience in-game to help ensure you have a good time, and that you have a good chance to decide whether Anthem is the right game for you when it launches in full on February 22.

Watch Your Times

Several players we know had hoped to dive into the VIP demo, and simply missed their chance because they didn’t know about the timing.

Barring changes announced by BioWare, the open public demo opens on Friday, February 1 at 9:00 a.m. Pacific time. More importantly, the demo closes on February 3 at 6:00 p.m. Pacific time. That means that if you’re …read more

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Another Rumor Suggests a Smaller, Portable-Focused Nintendo Switch Coming in 2019

A new report suggests that a smaller version of Nintendo Switch will be released in 2019 which will cost less, but remove features to focus on portability as a result.

The report comes from Nikkei (via Gematsu) and says this move comes after Nintendo lowered its sales targets for the year from 20 million Switch units to 17 million, and is looking to launch this portable version early in order to expand its user base. Nikkei claims that Nintendo has told multiple suppliers and developers about the plans to release this smaller Switch.

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