December 2018

Predicting The 2018 NFL Playoffs With Madden 19

EA Sports’ Madden got last year’s prediction of a Patriots Super Bowl victory wrong, but that’s more of an outlier in the franchise’s overall good track record at picking a winner via its sim engine.

This week I’ve used Madden 19 to predict this year’s playoffs, from Wild Card heroes to Super Bowl no-shows (using simulation game style, 6-minute quarters, and all-pro difficulty level in exhibition mode). I’ve tweaked the rosters as much as possible to reflect what’s going on with the teams this week, but naturally the game can’t sim everything to perfection. Madden’s historic inability to produce realistic running-QB stats for a player like Lamar Jackson, for instance, is an interesting real-life wrinkle that is simply absent in the sim.

Nevertheless, read on.


It’s a game of fine margins, and Dallas paid the price for this with a missed Brett Maher field goal and a failed two-point conversion – either of which would have changed the game completely.

Dallas scored 13 points in the fourth quarter in an attempted comeback, but it wasn’t enough to overcome the excellent game of Seahawk’s QB Russell Wilson, who threw four TDS – three of them …read more

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Epic Games surprises players on New Years Eve

Happy New Year!

The folks over at Epic Games have a special treat in store for players hopping on Fortnite today. In celebration of New Years Eve all around the world, Fortnite is having an in-game live event where a massive, dropping disco ball descends on the map each hour, on the hour.

The virtual ball drop has the same affect on players as a boogie bomb, meaning that everyone playing Fortnite is collectively dancing each time the minutes on your clock read :00.

Obviously, the clock has already struck midnight and 2019 has officially begun in many parts of the world, but the in-game ball drop threw some players off guard.


— dakotaz (@dakotaz) December 31, 2018



— FaZe Thiefs (@Thiefs) December 31, 2018

Nick Chester, Epic’s PR spokesperson, tweeted this in response:

Woke up to learn that many Fortnite players are unaware of time zones. We’re an educational and international game.

Happy New Year to you if you’re already in 2019!

— Nick Chester …read more

Eli’s 2018 in Review: Wiener Dogs, Mobile Esports, and Pirates- OH MY.

2018 was one heck of a year for me, both personally and professionally. Most of my time outside of TouchArcade has gone to wrangling a new dog that we rescued this year which has been an interesting experience to say the least. I’ve always been more of a cat person, and dogs I’ve had in my life we always got as puppies, so you I’ve never needed to unravel the mysteries of behavioral patterns and problems that likely came from growing up in what we can only assume was an abusive household. It’s been surprising how rewarding earning a scared dog’s trust is turning out to be. Also, in the photo, Bruno is on the left, and our slightly older dog, Steve, is on the right. They’re both smooth haired red dachshunds that are related to each other. Steve is Bruno’s uncle, which is pretty neat. I officially had a mid-life crisis, buying a 2018 Miata when Mazda was practically giving them away ahead of the 2019 mid-model refresh. It’s weird driving a car that actually is fun to drive, versus my positively ancient Prius which I kept as a daily driver. Amusingly enough, I bought this car quite literally …read more

Mikhail’s Year in Review: 2018’s Best Games and More for iOS and Nintendo Switch

Looking back at how iOS gaming has evolved since December 2017 where we suddenly had a plethora of console and PC ports has been interesting. I didn’t think 2018 would top 2017 but mobile now has two of the biggest games in the world and one of them is more polished on mobile than it is on PC and consoles. 2018 has also been an interesting year for the Switch and for indie developers who make games for multiple platforms. Instead of doing a top 10 list of games for 2018, here are 10 things I liked about 2018. If you want just a list of the best iOS games, read our huge list of the best games in 2018 here.

Donut County, $4.99

Donut County releasing on iOS alongside the PS4 version was great because it looked like a game that would work best on touch. Having bought it everywhere (I do this with a few games) and playing it, this is best on iPad. Annapurna Interactive might be my favourite publisher of 2018 alongside Capcom and Donut County is an excellent and relaxing experience. …read more

Fortnite’s Hourly New Year’s Eve In-Game Event Now Live

Epic is celebrating a successful year of Fortnite with an in-game New Year’s Eve event occurring every hour.

When the clock hits a new hour, all players in a Fortnite match will see a giant disco ball rip through a rift in the sky. A countdown starts while music begins to play.

Fireworks overlooking Dusty Divot and Salty Springs.

When the countdown reaches zero, a barrage of fireworks are released and every player is forced to boogie down for 10 seconds, no matter if you were in the middle of a fight or just minding your own business. The event concludes with a giant firework of a llama with a promising “2019” underneath.

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Polite Fortnite Society

My parents are approaching 60. When they were young, they hung out at diners, or drove around in their cars. My generation hung out in the parking lot after school, or at the mall. My colleague John Biggs often talks of hanging out with his nerd buddies in his basement, playing games and making crank calls.

Today, young people are hanging out on a virtual island plagued by an ever-closing fatal storm. It’s called Fortnite .

They hang out in Fortnite the way we used to hang out in basements or back yards. We played games or kicked a ball around, but it was all a pretense for the social aspect.

— Anoop Ranganath (@anoopr) December 10, 2018

The thread above describes exactly what I’m talking about. Yes, people most certainly log on and play the game. Some play it very seriously. But many, especially young folks, hop on to Fortnite to socialize.

The phenomenon of ‘hanging out’ on a game is not new.

I was in a 50 person clan in World of Warcraft in 2004 and we all hung out on a Ventrilo for hours every day for years and years. …read more

TouchArcade’s Top Stories of 2018 – ‘PUBG Mobile’, ‘Final Fantasy XV’, and ‘The Sims Mobile’

With 2019 almost upon us, let’s look back at what some of our top stories of the year were. When we posted this back in 2017, Pokemon Go (Free) was still going strong, and it seemed like we couldn’t post a story about Brawl Stars (Free) that didn’t generate loads of traffic. You’d think 2018 would be all about Fortnite (Free), but in actuality it would seem that PUBG Mobile (Free) consistently had way more people reading about it. (Although that isn’t really reflected here as a few Fortnite stories did exceedingly well versus PUBG stories doing consistently great.) Interpreting site statistics is always weird though, as that could just mean people read about Fortnite stuff other places, and not that it’s necessarily actually less popular than PUBG. Another theory is that the Fortnite playerbase is younger, and as such, they’re more apt to consume the sort of stories we’d post about as YouTube videos instead of written articles. It’s all really hard to say, and one of the major challenges that come from figuring out the content direction when running a web site like TouchArcade! One thing is for sure, we could basically just …read more

Listen To Game Informer’s Favorite Songs of 2018

Video games may be our primary passion, but several Game Informer staff members are also music aficionados. Each year, we like to share the soundtrack to our lives with readers with the off-chance that maybe our tastes and interests converge in more ways than one. With 26 contributors, the yearly compilation is quite eclectic. Expect many transitions into new genres as you meander through the long playlist.

If you want to get right to the good stuff, here is some guidance for fans of particular music genres. The hip-hop voyage starts with Kendrick Lamar and SZA’s collaboration “All the Stars.” From there it transitions to a groove-centric section starring music from Janelle Monae, Sia, and other ass shakers.

Punk/metal fans should make sure to check out Idles, Daughters, Windhand, and Behemoth. More of a regular rocker? Give Ty Segall, Superchunk, and Snail Mail a listen.

Click here to watch embedded video

Enjoy, and share your favorite songs of the year in the comments section below!

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SwitchArcade Presents: The Best Nintendo Switch Games of 2018

Hello, gentle readers, and welcome to the final SwitchArcade of 2018. Fittingly, I’ve decided to dedicate this edition to looking at the best games of the year. As is often the case with this kind of thing, it was incredibly hard to cut the list down to a manageable ten games, and I’ve no doubt that many of you will be wondering where your favorite games are. The answer is probably that they were excruciatingly cut at the last minute. Feel free to comment with your list, and as always, the more details about why you liked those games, the better. Let’s remember old acquaintances!

10. Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom

A fan-fueled homage to a classic Japanese series created by Western developers. A failed Kickstarter. A last-minute ray of hope via a partnership with a publisher taking its first real steps outside of mobile publishing. Nearly a half-decade of development. To say that it was easy to bet against Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom would be an understatement. Somehow, some way, the end result was an excellent, fully-licensed, full-featured sequel in a series even the most optimistic of fans had thought dead and buried. The Monster World series was …read more

Soulja Boy’s game consoles pulled from store weeks after launch

As anyone from the Gizmondo to the Virtual Boy can tell you, it’s tough to launch a console. Of course, it’s helps when your device apparently comes pre-loaded with thousands of games from big name companies like Nintendo, Sony, Square and Bandai.

It was clear the moment they were launched that Soulja Boy’s SouljaGame console and handhelds were too good to be true, in spite of his insistence that he’d struck deals with game publishers. Now, around three weeks after launch, both have been pulled from his online store (which also stocks a…familiar looking wearable and headphones).

I had to boss up, I didn’t have a choice.

— Soulja Boy (Drako) (@souljaboy) December 29, 2018

What caused the systems to be pulled from his site isn’t clear, though the rapper appears to have acknowledged as much in a tweet, stating, “I had to boss up, I didn’t have a choice.” Of course, given Nintendo’s history, it seems unlikely that a deal was struck to license titles to what appears to amount to a rebranded emulator.

As Variety notes, titles like Tekken and Tomb Raider were also features in ads for the systems, which is practically crying …read more