November 2018

Cosmic Top Secret Review – Declassified

There’s a particular milestone of growing up that goes relatively unexamined as far as shared experiences go, and that is the moment you realize your parents had deep inner lives of their own before you were born. That’s true for

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Cosmic Top Secret is a series of five relatively self-contained open worlds, all relating to a specific point in Trine’s time trying to squeeze what she can from her parents. It all takes place in a papercraft, pop-up-book representation of her journey; imagine the living papier-mache world of Media Molecule’s Tearaway, except crafted by …read more

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The Game Awards 2018: Where and When to Watch Live

The Game Awards 2018 takes place on December 6, and you’ll be able to watch the event live right here on IGN.

In addition to recognizing the best games of the year, The Game Awards will feature no shortage of big reveals. All of the major announcements are being kept under wraps, but we have a few ideas about what surprises this year’s show might have in store.

We’re covering the event live and will keep you updated with all of the winners and breaking news as it happens. To ensure you don’t miss a second of the excitement, read on to see a rundown of when and where to watch The Game Awards 2018.

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Don’t Sleep On Darksiders III, Dark Souls Fans

I didn’t pay much attention to Darksiders III prior to its launch. I watched a couple of gameplay videos when it was announced, and thought it looked rough – to the point that I was surprised the footage was shown. With Vigil Games out of the picture as developer, and that first look leaving a bad taste in my mouth, the alarm bells were sounding for Darksiders III. I feared it wouldn’t live up to the series’ first two entries. In the months that followed the announcement, none of the news or trailers caught my eye. It was just kind of there, and I figured I would learn everything I needed to know about the game when the reviews hit.

Those reviews ended up being all over the place, and didn’t help me make a quick decision. I realized I had to roll the dice on this one, and based my decision on points made in two reviews: Game Informer‘s and IGN‘s. I obviously have a bias with Game Informer, but more so trust Kyle Hilliard’s word. His interests in games line up with mine most times. In his Darksiders III review, Kyle said that it has “gameplay and level designs …read more

The Best Gateway Games

With the constant influx of amazing new card, board, miniature, and role-playing games, I’m often hard-pressed in this column to find opportunities to point out all the awesome tabletop projects in any given year. But even as the catalog of available games continues to grow, so too does the audience ready to give this hobby a chance for the first time. Contrary to what you might expect, the tabletop hobby has grown by leaps and bounds during the digital age as people continue to seek opportunities to socialize and have fun with friends in-person.

Today, I’m highlighting several games that can serve as a welcome mat into the tabletop gaming world. Whether you’re looking to snag a game for yourself to get into playing with friends or family, or you’re looking for a gift (perhaps for the holidays?) to help invite someone into the fun, I think these selections can get you heading in the right direction.

In each case, I’ve tried to select games with a few criteria – easy-to-learn, short playtimes, strong replayability, affordable price points, and in many cases, a system or mechanics that speaks to broader trends or ideas that players will subsequently encounter in other games. In …read more

The Best Ways To Make Money In Red Dead Online

The Red Dead Online public beta is now in full swing. For those of you galloping into the mode for the first time, be forewarned: The financial transition from the single-player campaign to the online experience is as jarring as running your steed head-on into a tree. The once-flush pockets that afforded you luxuries like gold engravings on your weapons now have a hole the size of Ambarino in them. Lucrative single-player grifts like selling stolen jewelry to the local fence now don’t even pull in enough coin to afford a can of baked beans. Pilfering the pockets of fallen enemies nets you a laughable amount of change. And the big-score operations like bank robberies haven’t been added to the mode just yet.

So what’s a budding outlaw supposed to do to make enough money to afford better weapons and horses? We’ve got you covered. After spending dozens of hours in the dangerous territory of online play, we found some steady ways to make income. Here are the best ways we’ve found thus far to line your pockets in Red Dead Online.

And if you happen to prefer your tips in video format, you can watch the video below.

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‘DUNKYPUNG’ is the New Game from the Developer of ‘Missile Cards’ and it Needs Beta Testers

In June of last year, developer Nathan Meunier launched the clever card game Missile Cards ($2.99), which was a mashup of sorts of strategic turn-based card game and the classic arcade hit Missile Command. It was a lot of fun, and we enjoyed Missile Cards so much that we chose it as our Game of the Week when it released. After taking some time off, now Meunier is back with his newest mobile game release called DUNKYPUNG. Yes, that is a silly name indeed. DUNKYPUNG is a flappy-style avoidance game similar to the recent Super Fowlst or even the legendary Flappybalt from Adam Saltsman. Although compared to those other game, DUNKYPUNG is like a whirling dervish of death with its many hazards that you must avoid. Check out the trailer.

Now that I think about it, DUNKYPUNG also reminds me of another classic, the sadly defunct 1001 Attempts. Basically, Meunier is taking a bunch of video games that I love and putting his own spin on them, which I’m a big fan of. DUNKYPUNG is planned for release in January, but ahead of then Nathan would like to “kick …read more

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GameStop Reports Third Quarter Loss of $488.6 Million, Increase in New Game Sales

GameStop has released its third quarter fiscal report, which ended on Nov. 3, showing an overall net income loss of $488.6 million.

The report included the recent sale of Spring Mobile – one of GameStop Corp’s owned companies – which brought in approximately $700 million.

GameStop previously said they would, “pay off debts, fund share repurchases, reinvest in core video game and collectibles businesses to drive growth, or some combination of these options,” with the funds from Spring Mobile.

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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: Every Confirmed Stage

As its name suggests, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is meant as the definitive Smash experience. Every returning character and tons of newcomers join the ranks of Nintendo’s legendary brawler, and almost all of the series’ iconic stages.

Every confirmed stage for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will also have three variants, according to creator Masahiro Sakurai: the standard version with all obstacles and stage hazards intact, the flat “Omega” or “Final Destination” version, and a “Battlefield” version with three platforms hovering above a flat stage.

Below, you’ll find a gallery of every confirmed stage in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, which span several Nintendo and non-Nintendo properties.

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Fallout 76 Patch Notes: Increased Stash Storage, Improved Stability, Bug Fixes and More

Bethesda has released the full notes for Fallout 67 Patch, which will be coming December 4.

Though many of the details of this patch were previously revealed, a lot of new information has been given, including specifics on bug fixes, rebalancing, general improvements and more. Patch clocks in at 3 GB for consoles and 36MB for PC versions of the game. Additionally, Bethesda promised that a new patch would drop on December 11.

The bulk of the patch notes detail various bug fixes. For consoles, an issue that caused players to encounter an infinite loading screen while signing out has been fixed. For Xbox One in particular, a crash that would send multiple team invitations after exiting Vault 76 to players who aren’t on your friends list has been ironed out as well. For PS4, C.A.M.P. wires won’t float in air when trying to connect multiple objects. For all versions of the game, an issue that made it so players couldn’t exit their power armor has been fixed.

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Captain Salazar and the Silent Mary Join ‘Pirates of the Caribbean: Tides of War’

Pirates of the Caribbean: Tides of War (Free) first hit the App Store (and Google Play) early last year. It’s developed by Joycity and will be super familiar to players who enjoy other multiplayer strategy battle games, except this one is absolutely dripping in fan service from Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean universe: A film series that started super strong and (much like Fast and the Furious) seems to have only gotten more over the top as the sequels continue.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Tides of War saw another massive update this week, this time around adding Captain Armando Salazar who first appeared as the primary bad guy in the Tides of War film before he met his untimely demise (Is that spoilers? The movies came out so long ago!) in Dead Men Tell No Tales. This legendary pirate also comes with his ship, the Silent Mary. In the game, he appears as a phantom called Salazar’s Shade who, like any primary movie bad guy, has powerful skills and a hunger for vengeance. Specifically, Salazar will command the Silent Mary as a Unique Tactician in your Tides of War pirate battles.

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