October 2018

The 10 Best RPGs To Play On Halloween

Happy Halloween! I knew when this iteration of my column landed on this day I had to showcase the genre’s spookier offerings. That means giving you a varied list that captures everything we know and love about this occasion, from the psychological terrors to the more lighthearted elements. Get yourself in the Halloween spirit by starting up one of these RPGs. Who knows? You might just find a new game to try, or be reminded of a classic you’ve been meaning to revisit.

Parasite Eve (PS1)
As Square’s first M-rated game, Parasite Eve delivers plenty of tense and startling moments, as you go toe-to-toe with an entity hellbent on destroying mankind through spontaneous combustion. Its comparisons to the Silent Hill and Resident Evil series are apt, as you fight your way through mutated creatures and seek answers. Close corridors and sensational bosses with everything from a Spider Woman to a T-Rex keep things interesting, and most importantly, you on your toes.

Costume Quest (PS3, Xbox 360, PC, iOS, Android)
Halloween is really about one thing…trick-or-treating! Double Fine’s Costume Quest captures this aspect wonderfully as you travel across a neighborhood in search of a monster who kidnapped your sibling. Along the way, you …read more

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A New Patch Reportedly Makes Silent Hills P.T. Unplayable on Your PS4 Even If It’s Installed

A report of a new patch rendering P.T. unplayable, even if the game is already installed on your PlayStation 4, is circulating the internet.

A Reddit post from user PopulusTrichocapra was posted on r/SilentHill a few days ago, claiming that they couldn’t access P.T. (the “Playable Teaser” for the unreleased Silent Hills game) on their PS4 with an accompanying screenshot of the locked game. The picture shows that this is version 1.01 of P.T., that the latest update occurred on October 22, 2018, and that the application is ineligible to start up.

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Does Red Dead 2 Try To Be Too Realistic?


On this week’s episode of IGN’s weekly PlayStation show, Beyond!, host Jonathon Dornbush is joined by Brian Altano, Barrett Courtney, and Max Scoville to discuss their impressions of Red Dead Redemption 2 so far. Of course, be sure to check out IGN’s Red Dead 2 review, and our extensive Red Dead Redemption 2 wiki guide if you’re currently playing the game.

The crew also discusses how they feel about the PlayStation Classic lineup, and how remakes and remasters may have hampered the Classic’s list from the start. Plus, they jump into our updated top 25 PS4 games list (which you can check out in gallery form below), during which Max makes Jonathon feel very silly.

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Diablo 3 on Switch May Have Outed an Unannounced Amiibo

Diablo 3: Eternal Collection on Nintendo Switch reveals a currently unannounced amiibo early in a tutorial pop-up.

Early in the game, a “Use Amiibo” prompt shows a picture of a Treasure Goblin amiibo, which has not yet been revealed by Blizzard or Nintendo.

The Treasure Goblin amiibo bears a striking resemblance to an already released Cute But Deadly figurine. Since the Amiibo hasn’t been revealed, we’re unsure what rewards you’ll get for using it in the game for now.

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‘Diablo III: Eternal Collection’ First Impressions – Excellent Port of a Game That Is Perfect for Switch

When Diablo III made the jump to PS3 and 360, most people were skeptical about the visuals and the controls. Thankfully, Blizzard nailed the controls with various tweaks to make the game that was built for keyboard and mouse work great on a gamepad. The game eventually became quite the couch co-op phenomenon on consoles and even saw great ports to PS4 and Xbox One. Blizzard finally brings Diablo to Switch in the Eternal Collection that has been ported by Iron Galaxy who also ported Skyrim. Read Eli’s impressions of Skyrim on Switch here.

Diablo III: Eternal Collection includes the base game, the Reaper of Souls expansion, the Rise of the Necromancer DLC, and exclusive Switch cosmetics and amiibo support. It also has the advantage of including all the fixes and additions the game saw for years on other platforms and is the most polished the release yet. When it comes to exclusive content, you get Ganondorf armor, a pet, some wings, and amiibo support in addition to what the Switch hardware offers thanks to the various gameplay and control options.

While it already is a great couch co-op game on other consoles, the …read more

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Get Big Day for Free with IGN Prime

IGN Prime has partnered with Zodiac Interactive to bring you Big Day!

Prime members, grab your key and blast your way through the apocalypse in this bloody pixel-art ARPG.

The Big Day has arrived. Ride through the ruins of the last days on Earth following a devastating zombie outbreak. Uncover the truth behind the crisis, find your missing daughter, and blow holes in every zombie who crosses your path!

Game Features:

  • Use your array of ranged and close combat attacks to recreate the bloody ballet of movies like “Kill Bill”, reducing the mindless zombie army to glistening red chunks.
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Betrayal Legacy Makes a Fantastic Horror Game Even Better

Betrayal at House on the Hill was already a well-loved board game, but its upcoming Legacy version from designer Rob Daviau has somehow made it even better. It takes the original’s randomized haunted house mechanics and centers them around the story of a single house that shifts (and gets considerably more spooky) over nearly 400 years of history.

Daviau was kind enough to sit down with us and play Betrayal Legacy’s first two scenarios ahead of its release next month. You can watch that playthrough in the video at the top of the page, though be wary that there will be spoilers for the prologue and first chapter of its 13 chapter campaign.

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Combined NES and SNES Classic Sales Surpass 10 Million Units

The NES Classic Edition and Super NES Classic Edition retro consoles have sold over 10 million combined units, and approximately 50 million Amiibo figures have been sold.

According to a newly released Nintendo financial results briefing, “Combined global sales of the NES Classic Edition and the Super NES Classic Edition have now surpassed 10 million units… both continue to sell as must-have products, and the fact that they are so affordable suggests that they will be in even greater demand during the holiday season.”

The phrasing doesn’t give much of a hint on whether or not Nintendo plans on releasing an N64 Classic Edition this year, though it’s possible we could receive news about this in tomorrow morning’s Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Nintendo Direct, or more likely in the following Nintendo Treehouse: Live Presentation. Rumors about a potential N64 Classic Edition ramped up when Nintendo filed a related trademark earlier this year.

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The Scariest Games We’ve Played

Kids dressed up as various Fortnite characters are likely going to ring your doorbell and yell “trick or treat” tonight. After you hand them candy, and perhaps watch them perform one of Fortnite’s dance moves before vacating your property, we suggest diving into a horror game to end your Halloween night. We recommend playing one of the scariest games ever made – a game that may make you put the controller down and say “Nope. I can’t go on.” Which game could frighten you this much? I polled Game Informer’s staff to find out which game they would deem “the scariest of all time.” Along with some of the heavy hitters of video game horror, some staffers picked the game that defined this genre for them. One writer also picked a game that should scare no one.

We hope this list leads to a night of terrifying screeches and popcorn being thrown due to jump scares. Let us know in the comments section below which game you’d classify as the scariest ever made.

‘Stardew Valley’ Update Fixes an iPhone XR Resolution Issue, Improves Fishing, and More

Stardew Valley ($7.99) is one of the best games out there on any platform. I was pretty surprised and excited to see it come to iOS and the port is pretty great. We’ve covered it a ton already and you can read Eli’s impressions and his full review for it. It has been updated quite a few times since release to fix various issues and to allow for some modern conveniences like background music or podcasts support. Today’s update fixes some gameplay bugs and improves certain aspects of the game. Watch some gameplay from the iOS port below:

You can now tap and hold to move and cast the fishing rod. This improves fishing considerably for me. Without going into spoilers, the pantry junimo note button has been fixed and the Spring onion event has been positioned correctly. Even though a lot of what’s mentioned and discussed for Stardew Valley online will not feel like a spoiler, I’d rather people go into the game completely cold and getting surprised by how great it is and how many surprises it has.

Stardew Valley is available on iOS and it is coming to …read more