July 2018

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Donut County Release Date Announced

Annapurna Interactive has announced when Ben Esposito’s Donut County will be released, and it’s only a few weeks away.

IGN can exclusively reveal Donut County will be released for the PS4, Steam, GOG, and the iOS and Mac App Store on August 28. It will cost $12.99 across all of its platforms, though it is available for a preorder discount of $10.49 on PS4, where players will also receive a special dynamic theme for preordering.

The physics puzzle game, which puts players in control of a hole — via a raccoon — who must suck up every item in any given level. The levels are flashbacks told by a group of survivors deep underground who have found themselves subjected to the hole’s destructive presence.

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PS4 Breaks 80 Million Units Sold

Sony has revealed that the last quarter’s PlayStation 4 hardware sales has brought the total units sold to 82.2 million.

Sony has released its Q1 FY2018 figures, which reveal that 3.2 million PS4 units were shipped to retailers in the period between April 1 and June 30, bringing the total number of consoles shipped since its introduction to the market five years ago to 82.2 million.

The figure is down from the same period last year, but Sony’s forecast for this year predicts that sales will be down by 3 million year-on-year, with total units sold in the vicinity of 16 million.

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Chasm Review

What if you could play Castlevania over and over and never stop being surprised? That’s what Chasm tries to deliver: a full Metroidvania where every new game has its own unique, randomized map. Its RPG-elements and awesome variety of beautifully animated enemies make it fun the first time through, but it’s that push for replayability that ends doing more harm than good.

The layout of Chasm’s map is randomized, pieced together with pre-built rooms to build a custom map that no one but you will experience. You still progressively unlock new movement abilities in a specific order — like a wall climb or a double jump — that open new paths as you go, but you won’t be able to look up the locations you unlock them in a wiki.

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‘Chasm’ Weaves Your Own Unique Action/Adventure

While your story remains the same as you strive to save the missing townsfolk of a mining town in the Guildean Kingdom, how you save those people will constantly shift throughout Chasm, a Metroidvania that takes an array of challenging rooms and areas and stitches them together to form your own challenging journey.

Weapons, armor, and abilities that will let you make your way through previously-inaccessible areas are all key parts of Chasm‘s adventurous romp, but how those items fall into your lap can shift a great deal from game to game. This comes from the game’s form of dungeon generation, which takes hand-crafted rooms, each designed to push the player in various ways or create complex routes for them to explore, and weaves them together in all-new setups on each run. This means that the journey will rarely be the same twice, and you can’t just count on gaining those weapons or tools you like at a given time. You have to work with what you find.

Players who enjoy having to get creative with their item and weapon supply, as well as the endless curiosity that comes with having dozens …read more

Chasm Review: The Battle Below

Although Chasm offers a rare procedurally generated spin on the classic Metroid formula, its demanding combat is what makes it stand out from the sea of imitators. Monsters roam among the twisted confines of an underground lair, demanding deft swordwork and stubborn determination to survive. And it’s in that deadly dance against lurching zombies, scurrying rats, and all manner of creepy-crawlies that Chasm truly shines. The tense fights leave you with sweaty palms and an elevated heart rate, keeping you glued to the action as you venture ever deeper below ground.

As a recruit stationed in a castle far away from civilization, Chasm hints at a greater world just waiting to be explored. But after you’re chosen to investigate the disturbances at a small village, it soon becomes clear the world’s mysteries have to take a backseat to more pressing dangers. Journals uncovered as you explore the mines, temples, and jungles explain why evil beings are being summoned, but the story doesn’t offer an interesting spin on a ho-hum premise. The little narrative appeal comes from the citizens you release from cages. Each person has their own tale to tell and errand for you to run, giving you someone to …read more

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Tencent and Alibaba invest in former “Voice of China” producer Canxing

Chinese tech giants Alibaba and Tencent have invested in television show producer Shanghai Canxing Culture & Broadcast Co., in a funding round worth RMB 360 million ($53 million), according to local media. Tencent’s investment of RMB 160 million was made through its subsidiary, Tibet Qiming Music, while Alibaba’s contribution totaled RMB200 million. The companies hold 0.94% and 1.17% […] …read more

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EA launches premium subscription with latest Battlefield and Fifa

Video game company EA is slowly switching its business model to recurring subscriptions. The company just launched Origin Access Premier for $15 per month or $100 per year. This subscription is only available on PC.

This isn’t EA’s first subscription. The company first launched EA Access on the Xbox One. For $5 per month or $30 per year, you can download a play old EA games as part of your subscription.

EA Access doesn’t include the most recent games. But you can play the latest Fifa, Madden and Battlefield games a few months after their initial releases. Usually, EA Access games don’t include any DLC or extra content.

In addition to full games, EA Access lets you try new EA games for 10 hours. You also get 10 percent off on EA digital purchases.

In 2016, EA launched a similar service on PC for the same price. In addition to a collection of EA games, the company partnered with Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and other game companies. You can find indie hits, such as The Witness, Oxenfree and Trine 2.

And now, EA is launching a more expensive subscription tier. With Origin Access Premier, you get new EA titles a few …read more

Annapurna Interactive’s ‘Donut County’ Is Releasing on August 28th With Pre-orders Now Live on iOS

Annapurna Interactive has been on my radar not just on iOS but in general ever since What Remains of Edith Finch was announced to be published by them. They’ve done some fantastic stuff across platforms but the output on iOS so far has been stellar. I’m still shocked that they managed getting the Sony owned Flower. Florence is probably my favourite game they have published by far. Ben Esposito (What Remains of Edith Finch, The Unfinished Swan) developed Donut County in his free time during the development of The Unfinished Swan. This is a game about being a hole so watch the trailer for it below:

You play as BK, a raccoon who swallows up his friends to earn prizes. Donut County is a story driven physics based puzzle game. Your aim is to explore various homes and move the hole to swallow things up. There’s no stopping this hole in Donut County. Annapurna Interactive was teasing some Donut County news last night and the game had no release date outside of “2018″ until now. The App Store page for the game is now live and we finally have a release …read more

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Nintendo’s profit jumps 88% as it nears 20 million Switch sales

Nintendo released its latest earnings report today and the headline is that the company has now sold nearly 20 million Switch consoles. The actual number is 19.67 million as of the end of June, so add July sales and the 20 million milestone is likely to have already been hit. Either way, it has easily surpassed its predecessor, the much-maligned Wii U.

Overall, the business recorded a 30.5 billion JPY ($275 million) operating profit, up 88 percent year-on-year, as revenue grew 9 percent to reach 168 billion JPY, or $1.5 billion.

The Japanese firm sold 1.88 million Switches in the most recent quarter, which is actually down from 1.97 million one year ago, although this quarter tends to be a slow one ahead of the holiday season. That slip was made up for on the software side as sales of Switch games jumped from 8.1 million last year to 17.96 million in the most recent quarter.

Nintendo has a bunch of new titles incoming — including Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and two Pokémon titles — while its Nintendo Switch Online service is due to launch in September so there’s plenty more to come. That said, Nintendo has some work …read more

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Bilibili promises to enhance regulation of its videos following government crackdown

Video streaming platform Bilibili has responded to the government-imposed removal of its app from Chinese apps stores by saying that the company intends to fully cooperate with authorities. The Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC), along with the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT), the Ministry of Public Security and three other government agencies, has led a crackdown […] …read more