July 2018

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Fortnite 5.10 Update Will Add a New Mode and Two Guns

Fortnite’s 5.10 update is coming tomorrow at 5 p.m. PDT, and it will include a new mode, a new gun, and the return of an old gun with some modifications.

In a post today, Epic Games detailed 5.10’s content. One of the biggest editions is Fly Explosives, a limited-time mode that gives players jetpacks and arms them only with explosive weapons. The jetpacks will be tweaked a bit with increased fuel regeneration rates and decreased fuel burn rates to keep players airborne longer than normal when playing Fly Explosives. Epic is also expecting matches to be shorter than 20 minutes thanks to lowered between-storm wait times to help players quickly find the needed loot.

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What every startup founder should know about exits

Benjamin Joffe

Benjamin Joffe is a partner at HAX.
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The dream of a startup founder can often be summarized by the following, well-intentioned, and mostly delusional quote, “We’ll raise a few rounds and in a few years we’ll IPO on Nasdaq.”

But a more likely scenario looks something like this.:

You invest a few years of hard work to build something of value. One day you receive an acquisition offer out of the blue. You’re elated. And you’re not prepared. You drop everything to focus on this opportunity. Exclusive due diligence starts. Your company is a mess (IP, contracts, burn). Days become weeks; weeks become months. You’ve neglected business and fundraising. You’re running out of money. M&A is now your one and only option. The buyer says they found a bunch of cockroaches in the walls and drops the price. Now what?

Sounds unlikely?

This is still a favorable situation: you had an offer! Think about how much time you invested in your various funding rounds. The hundreds of names and Google spreadsheet or Streak-powered quasi-CRM process.

Have you spent even a fraction of that on understanding exit paths? If you’d rather not …read more

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Darksiders 3 Developers Show Off Environmental Puzzles

Our IGN First month of coverage with Darksiders 3 is winding down, but we’re not done yet! In this new look at the Fury-ous action-adventure game from Gunfire Games, Gunfire Games design director John Pearl and lead level designer Richard Vorodi walk you through a section of Darksiders 3, showing off the environmental puzzles you’ll encounter.

Mild spoilers here, we suppose, for those worried about that.

ABOVE: Check out a new 11-minute gameplay video of Darksiders 3.

Darksiders 3 is our IGN First game for July, which means we’ve editorially chosen to take a look at it all month long. We traveled to Gunfire Games in Austin, Texas, and we’ll be bringing you more on this highly anticipated sequel (such as the release date) all month long.

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Amazon Item of the Day: Elago W3 Vintage Mac Apple Watch Charging Stand – A Super Cute Way to Charge Your Apple Watch

One of the best ways you can support TouchArcade is by doing your Amazon shopping through a TouchArcade affiliate link. We’ve set up the easy to remember toucharcade.com/amazon too if you want to type that in or bookmark it. We get a small percentage of anything you buy through any of these links, which otherwise would just go to financing Jeff Bezos’s Dippin’ Dots R&D or whatever else he’s up to now, and it goes a long way to supporting the site at no additional cost to you. These Amazon Items of the Day articles are all products we have used ourselves, and feel are things that the TouchArcade audience might be interested in!

I’ve been pretty wishy washy on Apple Watch charger stands, as most of them seem weirdly expensive and honestly don’t provide a ton of functionality that your normal Apple Watch charging cable doesn’t also provide. That is, until I discovered the Elago W3 Vintage Mac Apple Watch Charging Stand. Like most (all?) other Apple Watch charging stands, you take your Apple Watch charging cable and snake it up inside of the stand so that when you slide your Apple Watch into it, …read more

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‘Pocket City’, the Closest Thing to a Proper Sim City on the App Store Is Now Available

Pocket City ($4.99) is a game we’ve been following for quite a while now, and a game we’ve wanted on our iPhones for far longer- before it was announced, even. I can’t even guess how many times we’ve talked about how great it would be to have a proper Sim City game on the App Store around the TouchArcade water cooler for … ages. Sure, there’s Sim City Build It (Free), but that’s about as much of a Sim City game as Dungeon Keeper (Free) is a Dungeon Keeper game. Sure, it looks kinda sorta similar, and if you cross your eyes hard enough is sort of based on similar concepts… But if you wanted Dungeon Keeper or Sim City, those are like getting the cheapest store brand ice cream when you were looking for some Ben and Jerry’s. Pocket City is the game we’ve been waiting for.

We’ll have a full review out soon, but between the above trailer and folks loving the game in our forums, I’d say this is a very safe day one purchase. Additionally, if you were among the group of people flaming EA for …read more

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Nintendo Switch Has Now Sold Just Under 20 Million Units

Nintendo Switch console sales have reached almost 20 million units sold.

Nintendo’s first quarter results are in for Q1 FY2018 and the company has revealed that the Switch’s sales have reached 19.67 million units, while software sales for the platform have reached 83.93 units.

The top-selling Switch first-party titles haven’t changed much since the end of last financial year, with Super Mario Odyssey up from 10 million units in April to 11.17 million units.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is the next best-selling title, up from 9.22 million units in April to 10.35 million for 2018’s first quarter. The game launched on Nintendo Switch at the end of April last year. We called it the “best entry in the series so far” and said that it was “just as amazing in 2017 as it was in 2014” in our review.

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Discord’s Jason Citron to chat it up at Disrupt SF

In September of 2013, Jason Citron hopped on to the Disrupt Startup Battlefield stage to pitch Fates Forever, a multiplayer online battle arena game for the iPad. Now, five years later, Citron is gearing up to join us once again on the Disrupt stage to discuss the stellar growth of Discord.

Though Fates Forever had all the components to be a great mobile game, users simply never took much interest. The company struggled to monetize, and like any good startup, the team began to reassess its own situation.

The conversation turned to communication, where the space contained a few players with lack-luster products.

“Can we make a 10X project?,” said CMO Eros Resmini, relaying the tale of the company’s pivot to TechCrunch. “Low-friction usage, no renting servers, beautiful design we took from mobile.”

That’s how Discord was born. The platform launched in 2016, and has since grown to 90 million registered users, and has raised nearly $80 million in funding.

Coming from the publishing side, the Discord team had a keen awareness of what gamers want and need: a clean, secure communications platform. Since launch, the team has launched features that let game developers integrate Discord chat into their own games, as …read more

WarioWare Gold Review – Worth Its Weight

WarioWare, one of Nintendo’s strangest and most inventive series, tasks players with completing increasingly quick and difficult ‘microgames,’ each just a few seconds long. It’s a pure expression of one of Nintendo’s strengths–its games are often overflowing with abundant ideas that are all quickly experienced and equally strong.

When you start one of WarioWare Gold’s microgame playlists, you’ll be hit with a cavalcade of tasks in quick succession. In the space of a minute you might find yourself hammering the A button to snort up a dangling snot bubble, using the D-Pad to guide Wario as he jumps on Goombas, or navigating a short maze to find a treasure chest. You could be tilting the system to ward off samurai attacks or to extract a dead tooth from an open mouth; if your stylus is out you might be guiding a needle through a thread on the touch screen or slicing flying food, Fruit Ninja-style. You’ll be given a very brief instruction at the start of each game (“Avoid!,” “Stack!,” “Remember!”), and a few seconds to decipher and complete the task.

In Story Mode, each supporting character is given a …read more

Skyline AI raises $18M Series A for its machine learning-based real estate investment tech

Skyline AI founders Iri Amirav, Or Hiltch, Guy Zipori and Amir Leitersdorf

A mere four months after coming out of stealth mode with $3 million in seed funding, real estate investment startup Skyline AI announced that it has raised an $18 million Series A. The round was led by Sequoia Capital, a returning investor, and TLV Partners, with participation from JLL Spark, a division of real estate investment management firm JLL. The strategic funding will allow Skyline AI to add more asset classes to its platform, which uses data science and machine learning algorithms to help institutional investors make better decisions about properties.

Skyline AI says its technology is trained on what it claims is the most comprehensive data set in the industry, drawing from more than 100 sources, with market information covering the last 50 years. Its technology is meant to provide faster and more accurate analysis than traditional methods, so investors can react more quickly to changes in the real estate market.

Co-founder and CEO Guy Zipori told TechCrunch in an email that the startup decided to raise its Series A so soon after coming out of sleath because of positive response from investors, adding …read more