July 2018

Riot Explained: Who Is the Marvel Villain in the Venom Movie?

The latest trailer for Sony’s Venom movie offers a much better idea of both the general tone of the movie and its storyline. Not only that, it seems to confirm that Riz Ahmed’s Carlton Drake will transform into Riot, one of many symbiote villains from the Marvel Universe. (And no, that is not Carnage in the trailer!)

While even casual Marvel fans are probably familiar with Venom at this point, Riot is a much more obscure Marvel character. Here’s everything you need to know about Riot and how the movie is drawing from Marvel’s comic book universe.

Riot Explained: The Basics

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SwitchArcade Roundup: ‘Mega Man X Legacy Collection 1’ Impressions, ‘Rocket League: Ultimate Edition’, and a “FAST” Game of the Day

Welcome to the SwitchArcade Roundup for July 31st, 2018! Let’s close out the month of July in style with your daily dose of news, impressions, new releases, and sales just like we always do here at the Roundup. This time around I have impressions to share regarding the first Mega Man X Legacy Collection, but before diving into those, let’s take a look at our Game of the Day.

Game of the Day

FAST RMX ($19.99)

We’re starting off in a futuristic direction for the SwitchArcade Roundup today. For years, Nintendo fans have loudly clamored for some more F-Zero, but their vocal support of a new entry in the series has fallen on deaf ears (or in Internet text form, blind eyes). While only vaguely similar to Nintendo’s futuristic racing franchise, FAST RMX from the mighty tech wizards at Shin’en manages to develop a blisteringly quick and exciting racer that might just scratch that racing itch that F-Zero fans have missed.

FAST RMX is pure racing without the use of weapons. It’s all about using your mastery of your racing skill …read more

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League of Legends Reveals New Game Mode, and It’s Not Battle Royale

League of Legends developer Riot Games has announced a new game mode, dubbed Nexus Blitz. It’s the first of a new, community-driven method of testing possible additional game modes called Experimental Modes.

In a board post written by gameplay producer Michael “SpaceNorth” Chu, Riot detailed how these Experimental Modes differ from other timed content like the Ultra Rapid Fire mode that comes and goes: “With experimental modes, we’re looking for something that could last a while—maybe even as a permanent addition to League.”

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No, Kingdom Hearts 3’s Play Length Has Not Been Confirmed

Despite reports suggesting Kingdom Hearts 3 will have a campaign of around 40-50 hours, and additional content bolstering that number to an estimated 80 hours, Square Enix has not yet actually settled on the final length of the anticipated sequel.

A preview report from Geek.com of Kingdom Hearts 3 published earlier this month suggested those play time estimations had been confirmed. That would make for one of the longest main campaigns in the Kingdom Hearts franchise, and the news of this lengthy play time was reported by a number of outlets as confirmation of KH3’s official length earlier this week.

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Destiny 2: Forsaken – Legendary Collection Contains All Destiny 2 Expansions

The Destiny 2: Forsaken – Legendary Collection will be arriving day-and-date with the launch of the latest Destiny 2 expansion, Forsaken, on September 4, and will include the base game, Curse of Osiris, Warmind, and of course, Forsaken.

Announced by Bungie alongside a new trailer, this collection will retail for $59.99 USD and will include everything needed to enjoy this latest adventure, as Forsaken requires players to own all previous expansions to play.

While this collection includes all previous content, it does not include the Destiny 2 Annual Pass which will grant access to three smaller expansions – Black Armory (Winter 2018), Joker’s Wild (Spring 2019), and Penumbra (Summer 2019).

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‘Pocket City’ Review – Building Greatness One Zone At A Time

When it comes to mobile gaming there are generally two camps that games fall into. We have the games that are absolutely great for dipping into when standing in line at the market and then we have the games that take hours from you in a similar vein to some of the very best console or PC games. It’s rare that you find a game that somehow manages to straddle the two camps, but in Pocket City ($4.99) we have a shining example of exactly that. This is a game that you can play in small stints but also settle down with, falling into a world other than your own. Pocket City is responsible for me going to sleep two hours later than I should have this past weekend. It’s that good.

You don’t need to be a gaming fanatic to be familiar with the Sim City franchise and it is absolutely fair to say that Pocket City borrows heavily from those games. In all fairness it’s fairly difficult to create a city building game without it being compared to the game that arguably started it all, and in that regard Pocket City stands up to the comparisons well. Many …read more

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‘Vista Golf Rivals’ is the Multiplayer Version of the Minimalist Mini-Golf Series and is Looking for Beta Testers

Last year Shallot Games released Vista Golf (Free), a stylish and minimalist mini-golfing game that you could play with just one hand. Besides having an endless mode, its biggest selling point was how it would rotate in three new 18-hole courses each week, making it a nice competitive game as players would jockey for positioning on the weekly leaderboards. Now Shallot is taking that competitive aspect and expanding on it in a follow-up title called Vista Golf Rivals. Here you’ll be able to compete with other players in asynchronous matches using the same intuitive one-handed controls of the original Vista Golf. It will also include the Skillz platform functionality built in so if you’re feeling especially confident you’ll be able to run tournaments and make real money wagers against opponents, though there’s a virtual currency system in place too if betting actual money isn’t your thing. Also Vista Golf Rivals will feature some new environments over its predecessor, which you can see in this preview video.

You may recall that the original Vista Golf ran a beta test on our forums with great results, and so Shallot is looking to do the …read more

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Can Electronauts help make VR more social?

Virtual reality is an isolating experience. You power it up, strap the headset on and just sort of drift off into your own world. But maybe that doesn’t have to be the case. Maybe there’s a way to slip into a virtual world and still interact with your surroundings.

Electronauts presents an interesting example. Survios sees the title as a party game — something akin to what Guitar Hero/Rock Band was at the height of their collective powers, when people would set them up in their living room and invite friends over to play.

The new title has one decided advantage over those older games, however: It’s impossible to hit a wrong note. That’s kind of the whole point, in fact. Unlike the gamification of Guitar Hero/Rock Band, Electronauts is more experiential, designed to create remixes of songs on the fly.

I played a near final version of the title at a private demo in New York the other week, and mostly enjoyed the experience — my own personal hang-ups about doing VR in front of a room full of strangers aside. The experience has a very Daft Punk/Tron vibe to it as you operate a spaceship control while hurtling through psychedelic …read more

The Top 10 Games On Xbox One

Microsoft broadened the Xbox’s focus from being a games machine with the Xbox 360 to an all-in-one entertainment device with the Xbox One. That strategy may not have attracted gamers in the early days of the new-generation transition, and the console continues to recover from those missteps. Even so, the Xbox One is home to an increasing library of great games. In our continually evolving feature, we’re highlighting the 10 essential games on Xbox One.

Please note that while the list below contains 10 entries, we aren’t actually ranking them – if a game has made it this far (and managed to stay here), it’s a must-play, period. As such, we’ll be listing entries in reverse chronological order. Also, you’ll find rundown of previous entries at the bottom of the list. While those titles have gotten bumped for bigger and better experiences, they are still all great games in their own right and worth exploring if you’re already caught up on the latest hits.

Monster Hunter: World

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New Gameplay Today – Titan Quest On Switch

What were you doing 12 years ago? If you were Dan Tack, you were playing a game called Titan Quest at your local LAN center. If you were Joe Juba, you were reviewing it for Game Informer. If you weren’t either of those two people and don’t know what Titan Quest is, don’t worry – it’s out today on Switch, and we check it out in our latest NGT.

It’s basically Diablo II, but in ancient Greece. Joe and Tack have fond-ish memories of it, which they share as Joe kills a bunch of satyrs. Look. It was a dozen years ago, so be easy on them for not remembering every tiny detail.

And on the subject of tiny details, the text is indeed quite small on the Switch’s screen. Carry on!

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