April 2018

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God of War Includes Infinity Gauntlet Easter Egg

God of War hides an incredible Avengers: Infinity War-themed Easter Egg, letting Kratos use his own Norse Infinity Gauntlet similarly to Thanos.

The secret was published on the God of War Reddit by user Moxxxxxi who put the pieces together. Players can find a talisman called the “Shattered Gauntlet of Ages” during the “Family Business” quest given by Sindri. The description heralds an untapped power hidden within the gauntlet.

“An ancient relic of Hel deemed too powerful to remain whole, fragments of its former strength lie scattered throughout the realms,” reads the description for the talisman.

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God of War Director Has Plans for Five More Games

God of War director Cory Barlog has revealed he has at least thought through some plans for five new God of War games following the recently released entry in the franchise.

On Kotaku’s spoiler-filled Splitscreen podcast, Barlog talks about making the new God of War game and his plans for future titles.

When asked how far into the future of God of War is mapped out in his head, Barlog simply replies “Five games.”

With the latest title taking five years to finish, Kotaku’s Jason Schreier posed the idea that five more games could potentially make for 25 total more years of development.

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Cyberpunk 2077: All News, Trailers, and Rumors

Cyberpunk 2077 is an upcoming RPG from CD Projekt Red, based on the Cyberpunk 2020 tabletop game. It was announced all the way back in May 2012 as an open-world sci-fi RPG set in a dystopian California city in the year 2077.

There’s no release date yet, but we have compiled all the news, trailers, and rumors (no gameplay yet!) about Cyberpunk 2077 in the lead-up to launch – in particular, the possibility that Cyberpunk 2077 will be shown at E3 2018.

Here’s everything you need to know about Cyberpunk 2077.

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Rayark Adds ‘Sdorica – Sunset’ Songs to ‘Cytus II’ in Crossover Update

Rayark has been quite busy in 2018, first launching Cytus II [$1.99], the sequel to their fan-favorite rhythm game, back in January and then launching their visually stunning puzzle RPG Sdorica – Sunset [Free] just a couple weeks ago following a fairly lengthy soft launch period. Now the worlds of both games are colliding with a new update to Cytus II which adds a couple of Sdorica songs to the set list for free. To get these new songs, according to the update description, “Players can read the corresponding iM posts in Character – NEKO#ΦωΦ to unlock the collaboration songs.” Here’s a trailer for this new version 1.2 content.

In addition to the Sdorica songs, this update includes two more new songs, one for the free character ROBO_Head and one new one for the paid DLC character ConneR. This is in addition to a fairly beefy update that was released for the game in mid-March. If you want to learn more about Cytus II, then be sure to check out our full review, and if you’re already among those who have been enjoying the game …read more

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‘Fortnite’ Battle Pass Season 3 Ends 30 Minutes Before Season 4 Downtime Begins

The season 4 downtime for Fortnite [Free] begins on Tuesday, May 1st, at 4:00 AM EDT. Season 3 of the the Battle Pass ends a little before this update, at 3:30 AM EDT, so you won’t be able to get the John Wick-inspired “The Reaper” outfit after tonight. There will also be a short period between when However, there are bulk Battle Pass tiers available in the shop, so if you’re willing to drop a few bucks for the cause, you can maybe get that outfit at last. Otherwise, it’s time to start grinding out those objectives, ASAP!

Brace for impact!

Witness Season 4 tomorrow. pic.twitter.com/LVG3mO6vmK

— Fortnite (@FortniteGame) April 30, 2018

Season 4 of Fortnite will seemingly feature superheroes as a theme for many of the items, as early material teases what look like superhero masks and decorations. “Fight With Honor” sounds a lot like a superhero theme as well.

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Season 4 Coming Soon pic.twitter.com/q6d82L1Lbp

— Fortnite (@FortniteGame) April 29, 2018

But the biggest mystery surrounds what will happen with the comet and meteorites that are appearing in the game. Speculation has suggested that Tilted Towers is set to …read more

Send In Your Emails For Our Game Club On God Of War’s Second Half

Every once in a while on The Game Informer Show podcast, we get the urge to dive in as deep as possible on a game and wring the experience for every interesting discussion to be had alongside our community. The release of God of War on the PlayStation 4 on April 20th seems like a great opportunity we didn’t want to pass up. so it’ll be the next official GI Game Club. You can watch the first half of our discussion below, which covers everything in the game up until you meet the character Mimir.

(Please visit the site to view this media)

The discussion will be broken up into two parts, with the next episode airing May 3rd. Please send in your thoughts to podcast@gameinformer.com and we’ll read them on the show, here are a couple of discussion points to get the balls rolling but we welcome any and all emails.

– How different is God of War’s second half from the first half?
– What is your favorite big moment from God of War’s second half?
– What is your favorite little moment from God of War’s second half?
– What’s been the biggest surprise so far?
– How do you feel …read more

The Sports Desk – Flirting With Unforced Errors In AO International Tennis

AO International Tennis from Big Ant Studios released in Australia earlier this year (as simply AO Tennis) to less-than-stellar reviews. The game seemed to be rushed out to capitalize on the Australian Open grand-slam tournament, with the developer promising modes and content after release. While I can’t speak to all the changes that have been made for the upcoming international release on May 8, looking at the game’s official forum, updates have been occurring, including the addition of a tutorial mode. I recently got some hands-on time with a pre-release copy of AO International Tennis, and found a positive aspect of the game amidst the changes.

Many gamers will like the title’s customization options, which allow players to make and share the creations of tennis legends (like the Boris Becker I downloaded, in the video below), as well as make-your-own career-mode players and stadiums.

I, however, like the title’s groundstrokes – specifically the stroke meter. Now, AO International Tennis at the moment is far from perfect. Players can warp into animations, the drop shot is overpowered, the net game is erratic, and higher difficulties and doubles play can be simply too hard to play. In the latter case, there are …read more

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Nintendo to Working on New Redesign of Joy-Con for Switch

Not long after the release of the Nintendo Switch last year, many users began noticing connection issues with the left Joy-Con controller. As found in a new filing with the Federal Communications Commission, it appears as though Nintendo is finally addressing the issue by releasing an entirely new iteration of the Joy-Con controller.

Nintendo has been working on a fix for the Joy-Con for some time now, with a variety of software fixes through numerous firmware updates. However, the issue itself mainly concerns the placement of the antenna housed inside of the left Joy-Con controller. That said, there’s only so much that software updates can do to help. So an internal redesign of the Joy-Con appears to be Nintendo’s best bet for an actual fix.

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SwitchArcade Roundup: ‘A Robot Named Fight’ Impresssions, ‘Sonic Mania Adventures’, ‘FIFA 18’ World Cup Update

Welcome to the SwitchArcade Roundup for April 30th, where we’re going to talk about A Robot Named Fight, and catch up on some Switch news. This might start off as a slow week, but we have Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze hitting this week, and May is chock-full of titles both on the indie side and from AAA publishers. I’m looking forward to the Mega Man Legacy Collection and Street Fighter 30th Anniversary from Capcom, plus Hyrule Warriors hits the Switch this month! With the Switch’s portability, and the fact that games keep coming out, I have to focus on the Switch as my main gaming platform at this point (though I still keep an eye on mobile, of course), because I feel like I’ll get lost if I don’t focus on the Switch! Any of you feel the same way? Even with big titles like God of War hitting console, is the Switch still your platform of choice?

Game Impressions: A Robot Named Fight!

We don’t have any Metroid games on the Switch yet, but A Robot Named Fight‘s first console port feels all too appropriate for the Switch. This is a procedurally-generated, Metroid-inspired “pathfinder” game. You are a robot named …read more

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Tower-Building Flick Shooter ‘Tower Power’ is Looking for Beta Testers

During GDC 2018 last month, we sat down with Floyd’s Sticker Squad [Free] developer LemonChili Games to check out both a forthcoming update to that existing game as well as check out their new upcoming game called Tower Power. Tower Power is an interesting blend of tower-building game and flick-based shooter, as you’ll command a team of four sitting atop a tower and you’ll flick to shoot at various types of enemies approaching from the top of the screen. In between waves of enemies, you’ll tap frantically to try and build up your tower as much as possible before the next wave approaches, and as your tower gets taller those enemies get even more dangerous. Check out Tower Power in action in the following trailer.

While already a neat mixture of mechanics, I think the main draw of Tower Power is its extensive cast of playable characters. Each have really unique attacks and there will be a lot of strategy in terms of mixing and matching different characters on your team for different effects. Also it’s just fun to collect, upgrade, and fuse a bunch of characters, …read more