December 2017

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Knightfall: “You’d Know What To Do” Review

This is a spoiler-free review of Knightfall: “You’d Know What To Do.”

History’s Knightfall delivers a fascinating story centered around the Knights Templar and their quest to find the Holy Grail in the early 14th century. Like the network’s flagship series Vikings, Knightfall proves why History needs to develop more original dramas.

Knightfall goes big and bold right from the beginning with a large-scale battle set in the city of Acre. For a TV budget, the assault on the stronghold looks great, but it’s the use of intricately placed cameras that make the sequence shine.

Typically, an actor that wears a helmet, like Thor, finds a reason to take it off, in order to better show the actor’s face. Studios don’t want to pay someone millions of dollars to hide beneath a helmet. Instead of taking the helmets off, Knightfall puts the cameras inside the helmets. It’s a brilliant choice because it creates a feeling of claustrophobia that adds to the intensity of the fights.

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Slice Of Life Tasks Players With Surviving As A Fawn Separated From Family

There’s a lot to consider if you’re ever alone in the woods with no idea where you are (and dealing with active volcanoes). Which direction do you go in? What do you eat? Where can you sleep? Is it safe? These questions are all answered from the viewpoint of a fawn who has to survive alone in the woods while searching for its family in Slice of Life.

Survival-adventure style game Slice of Life puts players in control of a fawn that becomes separated from its parents. Your goal is to survive alone and learn how to cope with the dangers of the forest. As a fawn with very limited defenses, you’ll be pressed to find safe spots for rest while you’re trying to reunite with your family. Dealing with hunger and thirst is also a priority since you’ll have to find sources of food and water to keep yourself in healthy shape!

Slice of Life
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KOS-MOS is Making an Appearance in Xenoblade Chronicles 2

Just ahead of Xenoblade Chronicles 2’s worldwide release, Nintendo and Monolith announced beloved character KOS-MOS Re: will be making an appearance in the epic new JRPG as a Rare Blade.

The game’s official Twitter account revealed KOS-MOS Re:’s inclusion with a new look at the character. Originally making her debut in the Xenosaga RPG trilogy on PlayStation 2 as KOS-MOS, the android character played an integral part in the series’ plot, meant to be a “savior” of humanity in the trilogy.

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Tune In To Our First Live Super Replay On Friday

Our community recently raised over $60,000 for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals through our 25-hour Extra Life livestream. As a big “thank you” for donating so much, we decided to give the community something they’ve wanted for years: a Super Replay of Ape Escape!

Given our busy schedules with the holidays coming up, we don’t have a window to record a traditional, episode-based Super Replay before the end of the year. We didn’t want to wait until 2018, so we’re going to try recording an entire playthrough of Ape Escape in one livestream. Our attempt to round up every ape will begin on December 1 at 8 a.m. CT. We won’t end until we see the credits roll.

The stream will be hosted on Twitch, YouTube, and right here on Game Informer’s site. Join us for what will surely be a day of fun and wacky things. We are going to try to record this as closely as we can to the traditional format, and will break it apart into episodes that you can watch well after the livestream ends.

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