October 2017

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PUBG Dev: “In Talks” About a PlayStation 4 Version

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has technically not even entered into full release yet – it’s still part of Steam’s early-access program – but its success cannot be denied, with huge sales numbers and record-breaking concurrent player counts.

As such, its expansion was almost inevitable; it has previously been announced for Xbox One following its release for Windows, and now it looks as though we could be adding PlayStation 4 to the number of platforms supported by the game.

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Robotics process automation startup Kryon pulls in $12M Series A investment

In an industry that tends to concentrate its startup energy in Silicon Valley, Kryon defies convention. The robotics process automation (RPA) startup has its US headquarters in New Jersey. The location didn’t matter when it came to getting investment capital as the company announced a healthy $12 million Series A today. The round was led led by Aquiline Technology Growth (ATG) and… Read More …read more

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9 Games that Got Way Better After Launch

We’re in an age of gaming where everything can be patched and improved, no matter how bad things are at launch. So we looked back at some of the “most improved” games out there – ones that today far outshine where they were on release. Here are nine games that started out rough, terrible, or even just okay, but have become something truly great.

There are definitely more stories like this, what are some games you think have become way better than what they started as? Let us know in the comments below.

Tom Marks is an Associate Editor focusing on PC gaming at IGN. You can follow him on Twitter.

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PlayStation VR: New Model Incoming

Sony has announced that an updated version of its PlayStation VR model is on its way, arriving first in Japan before making its way westward.

With a model number of CUH-ZVR2 (as opposed to the original’s ZVR1 designation), the new and updated headset features several improvements over the original version, as detailed on PlayStation’s US blog. The updated design means that the stereo headphone cables are now integrated with the headset, as well as a slimmer, streamlined connection cable – good news for anyone who spends their days fighting with the plethora of cables currently provided with the VR headset.

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China’s tech giants are increasingly blurring the boundaries between sectors: McKinsey report

“Ecosystem” is a word that gets thrown a lot in the tech industry but there is a definition of this buzzword which is actually worth your attention. Digital ecosystems, or business ecosystems, are a model in which traditional industry boundaries are radically reordered, where sectors that once seemed disconnected fit together seamlessly and where users, their data, and businesses are part of a large co-dependent machine, according to a McKinsey analysis titled “Competing in a world of sectors without borders.” The report shows how China’s tech giants are developing this model and setting an example for global players.

The term business ecosystem was coined by James F. Moore who studied the co-evolution of social and economic systems. It is now widely adopted in tech companies but it is quietly seeping into other areas.

The model is a good reference for China’s digital landscape. Consider Alibaba—it can be defined as a retailer and a financial company. It has cloud technology, logistics, entertainment, healthcare, and even maps. It’s O2O, B2B, B2C, C2C and probably every other acronym you could think of.

Alibaba, of course, is not the only example, other companies in China such as Tencent and Baidu, and even insurance company PingAn …read more

Find A Missing Nose In This Game Take On Gogol’s Short Story

The Nose, Three Percent Games’ take on Gogol’s short story of the same name, will have players exploring a tiny version of St. Petersburg, searching for their missing nose and talking with the people they meet in this little slice of city.

Major Kovalev woke up one morning to find his nose missing, which is a strange circumstance to find oneself in. The kind of thing you need to deal with right now, since the questions you’d get at work would make it impossible to get anything done, anyway. So, off you go into the streets of the city, but as it turns out, there’s a whole lot going on in town, today. While exploring, you’ll get to see all of the bustling lives that are going on, each with their own problems, as you wander in search of that lost body part.

The Nose is a silly slice of life, letting players find their own stories within the streets, taking on sidequests and figuring out what all of the other people are up to through the actions they choose to take. Through this, they can shape their own web of friendships and …read more

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Injustice 2 Patch Fixes Issues Caused by Prior Patch

NetherRealm has released a new patch for Injustice 2 that fixes the issues introduced by the recently released version 1.10 update.

In a post on Twitter, NetherRealm confirmed “a patch is now available for both PlayStation and Xbox users to address the deletion of Gear.”

Many users who updated to the 1.10 patch a few days ago discovered missing items from their save files. NetherRealm acknowledged the issue several days ago in a post on the WB Games support website, recommending that those experiencing issue try and reboot the game to recover any Gear earned before September 25.

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As outbound tourism grows, China’s giants are following along to fuel their global expansion

Not long ago, taking vacations away from home was only eligible for a small group of wealthy people in China. But now, thanks to the country’s quick economic growth as well as the stable rise of average incomes, this is no longer the case. China’s tourism industry has witnessed unprecedented development in recent years. The country’s tourism market is worth RMB 4.69 trillion ($705 billion) in 2016, a 13.6% rise from RMB 4.13 billion in 2015 (in Chinese).

While inbound travel still accounts for a major part of the market, the outbound tourism industry has experienced exponential growth. And the momentum continues. China is now the number one source market in the world since 2012, following a trend of double-digit growth in tourism expenditure every year since 2004. Mastercard’s Future of Outbound Travel report indicated an average growth of 8.5% each year between 2016 and 2021.

Market share of inbound (59%) and outbound (41%) tourism during October 1st holiday. (Image credit: Ctrip)

The quick boom of China’s tourism industry in market size is surely impressive. But when observing from another angle, the impact of this trend on China’s tech world is hardly less significant, not only on online tourism platforms but …read more