September 2017

Meet Pinta Studios: Turning VR content into money-making IP

With the Venice International Film Festival kicking off this week, Pinta Studios is showcasing its latest Virtual Reality (VR) animated film “The Dream Collector” in competition with other 21 VR works from around the world.

Along with three other films made in Chinese (two from Mainland China and one from Taiwan), The Dream Collector is one of 22 finalists nominated at Venice Film Festival in VR section, which is the festival’s first-ever competition for films made in VR.

Last year China saw explosive growth in the VR sector, but by the end of the year there had been talks in the industry saying that the sector had “frozen.” However, figures show that with more major players entering the sector, the country’s VR industry is expected to expand more than fourfold in 2017 as competition intensifies and the market becomes more diverse, according to research firm IDC’s forecast released this January.

We will be more dependent on VR devices than we are our phones today,” predicted Alvin Wang Graylin, China Regional President of HTC Vive, earlier this month. He also suggested that “remote work via VR will become the norm.”

VR technology has indeed been widely …read more

Destroy Humanity With Turrets And Destruction In Tower Defense/Shooter Hybrid X-Morph: Defense

In fiction, when the aliens attack, we follow the humans under assault, our conventional weaponry and cities outmatched by technology well beyond our capabilities. Those underdog stories are often thrilling, but EXOR Studios’ X-Morph: Defense isn’t interested in letting you control the underdog. In this hybrid of tower defense and dual stick shooter, you control the arbiter of Earth’s destruction, a powerful extraterrestrial force capable of devastating entire armies, leveling buildings, and unleashing gravity-defying weapons.

As the titular vessel, you must protect harvesters from waves of incoming human forces in cities throughout the globe, setting down turrets and energy gates to alter the path of each wave and then wiping out the land and air units with your ship’s powerful weapons. While turrets can hurt enemies with artillery and flames, your ship can transform into various forms to wield different projectiles, from resource-gather black holes to rapid fire energy blasts and building slicing lasers.

The environment is as much a weapon as your turrets and guns, as you can use destruction to collapse entire buildings on top of units, set forests aflame, and collapse bridges. The destructible levels …read more

Tiny Echo – A Game Of Delivering Mail To All Manner Of Spirits

The job of a courier isn’t an easy one – and even more difficult when tasked with delivering to spirits that may require some extra work to get to. In Tiny Echo, players will be in control of Emi – the courier of said letters and tasked with solving any puzzles that may get in the way of delivering messages to the spirits of the undergrowth.

Tiny Echo presents itself as an easy-going experience that players will be able to enjoy at their own pace as they appreciate the beautifully-crafted backgrounds and soundtrack. As players explore the area, they will encounter spirits that they will have to deliver messages to. Some spirits may live in areas blocked by puzzles, so players will have to solve these in order to advance and unlock new areas and characters.

Tiny Echo looks to be a storybook without words, leaving it up to players to interpret what events and actions mean in the undergrowth. The developers want players to be able to take in and enjoy all of the creative aspects of the game while playing, putting their own spin on the wordless story, so take a …read more

See Why There’s More To The FFXV/AC Crossover Than You Think

Last week, Square Enix and Ubisoft surprised the gaming world by unveiling a collaboration that would have the Final Fantasy and Assassin’s Creed series paying homage to each other. The first phase of this collaboration is a free DLC event for Final Fantasy XV called the Assassin’s Festival, so we downloaded it to see how well these juggernaut franchises meld.

After spending about 30 minutes with the new content, we were surprised and impressed by its scope. Yes, the premise is a little silly, but it seems that the FFXV team was fully committed to its execution regardless. Join me, Kyle Hilliard, and Leo Vader as we explore the festival and apply our dubious assassin skills to new situations.

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