August 2017

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IGN’s Destiny 2 Review Plan

If you haven’t heard, Destiny 2 launches on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on Wednesday, September 6 (or, on the West Coast, 9PM on Tuesday, September 5). That’s soon!

Naturally, we’ll be working hard on our review and will have it finalized as soon as we feel we responsibly can. Our appropriately named Destiny/Destiny 2 expert, Destin Legarie, was pretty much born for this review and is raring to go. Follow him on Twitter at @DestinLegarie.

So far, we’ve been able to play a chunk of Destiny 2 at Bungie and, of course, in the betas. You can bookmark this page and set your watch for 7AM Pacific time on Tuesday, September 5 to come back see what Destin thinks so far, based on those experiences. But of course, that’s just scratching the surface of a huge game like Destiny 2, so we’ll be running a review in progress until we’ve had a chance to play at least a few dozen hours of the final launched game and – hopefully, depending on when it ends up making its debut – complete the upcoming raid.

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The RPG Reload Play-Along: ‘Bastion’

Hello, gentle readers, and welcome to the RPG Reload Play-Along. Each month, we’ll be playing an iOS RPG together, sharing laughs and tears in equal measures. The post on the front page (like this one!) is basically here to announce the game in question and give a few tips on getting started. The real action will be happening in the TouchArcade forums, where you’ll find a thread dedicated to each month’s featured game. Sign up if you haven’t already, post your screenshots, ask for advice, or just chat about your misadventures with others. We’ve got a great community of RPG fans here at TouchArcade, so let’s make the most of it!

August is a busy month for many people, and that is perhaps as good an explanation as any for the somewhat muted reception to the Chrono Trigger Play-Along. We had our lowest turnout for a Play-Along yet, with the thread barely cracking the 50-post mark. Oh well, these things happen! One cool thing is that our very own Eric Ford participated in the Play-Along on Twitch, and he might just finish the game in time for the end of the month. You can do it, Eric! At any rate, …read more

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The ‘Minecraft’ Marketplace Now Has Ninjas, Samurai, and Floating Islands

Minecraft‘s [$6.99] Marketplace continues to expand at a steady monthly pace, and today we got some more fun content. The first one is Lapis Lagoon, a water park world that’s perfect for when the weather is boiling outside (like today, for example). This Imagiverse map has some fun ideas, and I especially like all the water racing and, of course, the huge dragon. We also got Isles of Aeria by Polymaps, a chain of floating islands with all kinds of different biomes. Floating islands have always been a player favorite, especially when we briefly thought we were getting a sky dimension. And floating islands are great for using the elytra wings and pretending you’re a bird.

If you’re more into survival spawns, Noxcrew’s most recent one is called Ninjas Vs Samurai and is precisely that. There are Ninja temples, Samurai strongholds, and, of course, plenty of sword fighting. The Marketplace also got a huge castle in Whiterock Castle spawn, and the Abstraction Vector, a new map that breaks the usual Minecraft geometry into abstract shards and beams. It’s really unusual and definitely challenging to navigate. If you’ve been …read more

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Capcom’s ‘Puzzle Fighter’ Brings the Classic Game to Mobile

Capcom announced today that it’s planning on bringing Puzzle Fighter, the sequel to the classic Super Puzzle Fighter 2 Turbo (and its HD Remix remake), to iOS and Android before the end of the year, so if you enjoy puzzle games with your favorite Capcom characters, you’re in luck. The game will get a new look and new features, and will include characters such as Ryu, Ken, and Chun-Li from Street Fighter, X from Mega Man, Morrigan from Darkstalkers, Frank West from Dead Rising, and more. In terms of features, the game will have real-time PvP battles, single player content, and more. Puzzle Fighter will of course be a free to play title, so you should know by now what to expect in terms of monetization.

For those who’ve never played the original games, Puzzle Fighter has you picking a character and two “assist” characters and matching gems as you try to take out your opponent. The assist characters can enhance the main character’s abilities, so there’s plenty of strategy in which characters to pick and how to go about building up combos. And you get to do your …read more

Atlus Potentially Teasing Catherine Sequel

If a few hints from Atlus are any indication, a sequel Catherine might be on the horizon.

During today’s “Golden Recruitment Special Program,” which Atlus held to recruit talent for its new development team Studio Zero, several nods to the narrative-driven puzzle adventure game appeared.

As reported by Persona Central, the stream was Golden Playhouse-themed and featured music from Catherine. On top of that, appearances by Trisha, the host from Catherine, bookended the livestream.

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‘XCOM: Enemy Within’ Might Get a 64-Bit Update, Let’s Hope It Does

We’ve been keeping a close eye on all the 32-bit games that will vanish from the App Store once iOS 11 hits around September 12th, and today we got some more official information on the fate of 2K’s titles. First of all, XCOM: Enemy Within [$9.99] will be pulled from the App Store, but 2K plans to upgrade the game to 64-bit at a later date. Now, those who remember the Bioshock drama know that 2K doesn’t always follow through on promises to update apps, but one can hope. There are no dates in the announcement, so we have no way of knowing how long XCOM will be on the sidelines waiting to join the good fight. Still, I’m hoping to see XCOM stick around, and if not, hopefully we’ll see more recent XCOM games and expansions find their way onto the App Store.

While XCOM might see a 64-bit update in the future, games like Sid Meier’s Pirates!, Ace Patrol, and Ace Patrol: Pacific Skies will officially go the way of the dodo. While it’s definitely a shame to see these games go, most of …read more

Super Replay – Pokémon Snap Episode 4

After the marathon that was Shenmue II, Andrew Reiner and I decided it was time to play something that didn’t require quite so much long-term commitment. We wanted something that felt closer to a walk in the park, or a leisurely ride through a park, which is how we landed on Pokémon Snap. The Nintendo 64 favorite offered Pokémon fans their first look at their favorite creatures in 3D and, for our purposes, doesn’t tell an elongated story about revenge.

Despite our intentions to play something a little less intense, we still want to make sure we get a photo of every Pokémon in the game. We will also be passing the sticks in order to foster some competition. At the end of every episode we will make sure to check and see who took the best photo.

Enjoy the episodes, and leave comments! We plan on reading them out loud during the episodes just like we did with our last few two-person Super Replays.

Episode 4
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Episode 3
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Head here to watch this episode on YouTube!

Episode 2
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TouchArcade Will Be at PAX West This Weekend, Please Reach out If You Have a Mobile Game to Show Us!

This weekend Jared and I will be at PAX West in Seattle, Washington. We opted to attend this conference instead of E3 this year, as the amount of mobile stuff at PAX last year was pretty overwhelming. As far as what to expect this year, I’m really not sure, PAX can be a bit of a mixed bag both as far as the games we’ll see as well as the connectivity we’ll have. I’ve got my fingers crossed that the hotel WiFi gods are kind, and we’ll be able to get everything online as we see it over the weekend… But things rarely seem to work out that way. So, potentially prepare for a PAX onslaught next week? Maybe? Who knows!

If you’re going to be at PAX West this year and want to show us your mobile game (and haven’t already talked to us) the best way to get in touch with us at events is via Twitter. I’m @hodapp and have my DM’s open, and Jared is @JaredTA. PAX can be a pretty hectic event, but, reach out and we can meet up somewhere! Even if you’ve just got something small in progress, we’d still love …read more

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‘Mixer Create’ Broadcasting App Is Live on iOS and Android – Microsoft Joins the Streaming Wars

A few months back we wrote that Microsoft was working on an app called Mixer Create [Free] that would make mobile streaming much easier and help the company take on Twitch, and that app is now live for both iOS and Android. Microsoft is betting on making streaming through its service a more interactive experience than a platform like Twitch by turning latency down to almost zero and by allowing viewers to influence gameplay. Specifically, Mixer will offer very low latency, which should make streamer-viewer communication much better; gone are the ten second delays you have to deal with on Twitch.

While that might not sound like a big deal, the delay is actually quite annoying. For instance, I often stream Telltale games on our Twitch channel, and I want to get the viewers involved in the choices I have to make. However, I can’t do it because of the latency. In addition to the low latency streams, Mixer Create also lets you combine your stream with up to three other mobile, PC, or Xbox One streamers into a single viewing experience, which should be fun for multiplayer games.