July 2017

Party Of Three – Reviewing The Applebee’s Tablet Games

The video games press can’t cover everything – there just isn’t enough time to look at all of the games that release each year. Naturally, these pressures lead to blind spots. We, the interns, have taken it upon ourselves to fill one such void in games journalism. Read along, as we get down to the nitty gritty of the reviews you really want to see: Applebee’s Tablet Games.

Upon sitting down at one of these fine establishments, you’ll find a mysterious tablet at the end of the table. For just $1.99, the tablet becomes a portal to fun. Below, you’ll find our expert opinions, an appropriate food pairing, and a monetary value of the amount of fun we had with each and every game on the device.


Smashy Brick
Smashy Brick takes advantage of the touchscreen in a unique way. It’s a typical Breakout clone, but instead of a bar, the ball (or square in this case) is bouncing off of a line you draw with your finger. It’s a cool concept, but I never liked Breakout. I give it points for originality, though. Also, it looks clean, and it never crashed/bugged out at any point, …read more

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Umbrella Gives Upcoming ‘Tidy Robots’ and ‘Fast Track’ Release Dates and Trailers

Umbrella is one of the busiest publishers/developers on the App Store, and today they’ve set the release dates for two of their many upcoming mobile games they’re planning on launching this year. The first is for a game called Tidy Robots which we originally were given a hands-on demo of back at GDC in March. The game is about a bunch of toys who come to life and have a big old party in the toy shop where they live while it’s closed, but come morning time they’ve left an awful mess and must work to clean things up before the shop owner gets wise to what happened. That cute little premise and the colorful visuals in Tidy Robots are deceptive though, as the game is actually a series of logic puzzles that will test every ounce of your brain matter. Here’s the official trailer.

Tidy Robots is set to release on September 21st on both iOS and Android and will come with 80 hand-crafted levels as well as brand new levels released weekly. It’ll be “Completely FREE to play” but no word on if there will …read more

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‘Clash Royale’-Like Competitive PvP ‘Castle Burn’ Soft Launching Soon

Castle Burn is an upcoming real-time competitive strategy game that hopes to offer a fun take on the Clash Royale formula. Castle Burn uses a card-based army system that allows you to discover new units and upgrade existing units, but also appears to add some wrinkles to the Clash Royale recipe with the ability to add new cards to your deck as you play and with buildings being more important to the overall economy. Castle Burn also has heroes you can deploy as you try to tilt the battle to your favor. It’s hard to judge how close to Clash Royale the game will be, and it might be unfair to describe a game as a Clash Royale clone just because it uses the same map style. We’ll have to play it and see.

Castle Burn will be soft launching for Android in the Philippines August 11 followed by an iOS soft launch in Thailand and Australia late August-early September. The developers hope to release the game Fall 2017. In the meantime, go find out more about the game in our Upcoming Games forum thread.

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Real estate site Redfin up 11% on stock market day two

Redfin, the Seattle-based real estate site, had a great first couple days on the stock market. After pricing above the expected range at $15 per share, the stock closed Friday up about 45% at almost $22. Today, shares were up another 11%, closing above $24. With a market cap approaching $2 billion, it’s more than double than the $770 million valuation that Redfin achieved in its last… Read More …read more

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Join Our PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Event on IGN

The real story behind a single game of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is difficult to tell. It’s an experience filled with close calls, strategizing, and either long range duels or up close and personal battles to the death. From a solo perspective you gear up and then head into an encounter that’ll get your blood pumping… unless you never find anyone and run from the blue most of the match, only to be sniped by someone you never see. It happens. That’s part of what keeps players coming back. You never know what kind of encounter you’re going to have heading into a match. I’d like to try and tell that story from the perspective of all 100 players in a single match, and a duo match, but I need your help.

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The Sports Desk – A Conversation On The NHL 18 Online Beta

EA Canada’s online beta for NHL 18 is just about to end (August 1), and Kim, Bertz, and I have been putting it through its paces, testing out the new Threes mode, increased deke/defensive stick features, and getting impressions of the multiplayer experience overall.

After playing we sat down and had a chat about the beta, the modes and its gameplay, and included some footage of the title in action.

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Stories aren’t just for superstar players. NBA 2K18 is making big changes to it’s MyGM mode, including infusing it with a story, casting you as a former player-turned GM. This narrative lasts only the first season and offseason, but regardless, the mode also includes a bunch of other important additions, including a revamped free agency, analytics, and more. Check out Bertz’s full …read more

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The Long Dark Live-Action Movie Adaptation Announced

Developer Hinterland Studio’s man-vs-nature survival game The Long Dark is being adapted into a live-action movie, the studio announced today.

Hinterland is partnering with Resident Evil movie series producer Jeremy Bolt, and his production company Bolt Pictures, on the project.

Raphael van Lierop, founder and creative director at Hinterland, will be penning the script. However, no director or actors are attached, and a release date for the film has not been set yet.

“My goal with Hinterland — starting with The Long Dark — has always been to create original entertainment properties that could span multiple mediums, exploiting the storytelling potential of each form,” van Lietrop said.

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Spotify preps to go public with 60M subscribers, outpacing Apple

Spotify’s singular focus on music sees it adding subscribers faster than the iPhone company with a streaming app on the side. Spotify has added 20 million paid subscribers in under a year, while it’s taken Apple Music over a year and a half to make that progress. Spotify now has 60 million subscribers, compared to Apple Music’s 27 million as of June. Spotify’s ability… Read More …read more