June 2017

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‘Siege: Titan Wars’ Hopes to Add Massive Armies to ‘Clash Royale’ Recipe

Clash Royale has been inspiring other developers to bring real-time midcore strategy games onto the App Store, and is has inspired Simultronics’ upcoming Siege: Titan Wars as well. As the developers point out in our Upcoming Games forum thread, they wanted to make something that builds on the core concepts of Clash Royale but sets itself apart in a few ways. One is the more classic fantasy style, but, more importantly, is the way Siege has you deploying big group of troops rather than individual units. Those armies are often led by Titans, which I’m sure will easily sweep those puny little soldiers to the side.

The game is currently in soft launch, which you can download from here if you have an account in those stores. Global launch should be coming soon, and hopefully Siege: Titan Wars will offer a fun take on the Clash Royale formula.

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Lost Memories Dot Net Navigates Teenage Love Through Site Building

Lost Memories Dot Net puts players in the role of fourteen-year-old Nina, dealing with a teenage love triangle through chatting with her friend, Kayla, as she puts together a blog. Delving deep into the internet of 2004, it explores the particularities of teenage relationships while letting players experience the quirks and sites of a certain era of our online past.

Lost Memories Dot Net, the next work from Nina Freeman, creator of Kimmy (an adorable game of babysitting in the 70’s) and Cibele (a look at the personal connections we make in online games), is looking to draw players into that idle, almost vulnerable state we come into when we’re half-distracted by a task, yet utterly focused on something that is consuming our lives.

Players will navigate the story of a teenage love triangle through their chats with Kayla, but at the same time, they’ll be surfing a web straight out of the early 2000’s for pictures to put onto a personal blog. They’ll be customizing and cultivating their space on this early web, carefully pruning it until it’s just right – a task that draws a great deal …read more

Real estate site Redfin files for IPO

Redfin, the popular real estate listings site, has filed for IPO. The Seattle-based company unveiled its filing, suggesting that it will raise $100 million, a placeholder that is subject to change. The timing of the filing implies that Redfin is likely to debut in late July or early August. Because of the JOBS Act, most companies can wait until 15 days before their investor roadshow to… Read More …read more

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First ‘Fighting Fantasy Legends’ Trailer Looks Cool

As we wrote about a few months back, Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone’s Fighting Fantasy books are coming to mobile with the name Fighting Fantasy Legends and will be developed by Nomad Games. Now, we have a gameplay trailer that shows off more about the game. The trailer shows off the game’s maps, interface, and, of course, the battle screen, which includes a ton of dice throwing and a prayer to the RNG gods. The game will apparently let you experience the events of three Fighting Fantasy books, which is great for those who’ve already experienced the physical version of Fighting Fantasy.

This card based role playing game is hoping to put a new spin on the already familiar adventures of the Fighting Fantasy books by having you explore the continent of Allansia, all the while collecting cards and powering up your dice. Expect the game to come to iOS and Android this summer, and in the meantime, visit our forum page for more.

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‘Torchlight: The Legend Continues’ Has Soft Launched in the Philippines

Our forum readers had been anxiously waiting for the mobile version of the classic Torchlight game to hit the mobile platform, but then some feedback from earlier betas tempered everyone’s expectations quite a bit since it seemed to steer away from the classic game and into more mobile-friendly directions. Now you can check Torchlight: The Legend Continues yourselves, if you have a Philippines App Store account, since the game has just soft launched there.

Torchlight: The Legend Continues brings a ton of skills that you can combine in a number of ways and switch to different combined skills on the go. It also brings an emphasis on randomness, which the developers see as coming directly from the Diablo and Torchlight series. Random monsters, random monster skills, random hidden rooms, and all the other random elements should help with replayability. Check out our forum thread for more info, and go here to download the game. If you don’t have a Philippines account, use our guide to make one.

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Snapchat bought the AR location intellectual property of startup Drop

Snap Map is Snapchat’s plan to tie together its online content with ways to augment your offline reality, and its got the patent to back it up. Augmented reality location startup Drop tells TechCrunch that Snap Inc acquired its intellectual property in 2015 including its “Location-based messaging” patent. In 2013, Drop developed an app that would let you post photos or text to… Read More …read more

‘Clash Royale’ Summer of 2v2 Is Here, 2v2 Challenge Is On Today

Clash Royale‘s [Free] Summer of 2v2 is here everyone, even though we aren’t in July yet. Still, the first 2v2 Challenge has started today, so get ready to play with a random person because, as Supercell has stated, the game doesn’t have the UI necessary to allow for you to play 2v2 with a friend of Clanmate. And, as you would expect, reddit is full of people complaining about the random part of the challenge. Tomorrow, we will officially have the 2v2 Quick Match available for the whole month.

In addition to that, we’ll have a 2v2 Draft Challenge on July 7th, a 2v2 Overtime Challenge July 14th, a 2v2 Double Elixir Draft Challenge July 21st, and a 2v2 Special Event July 28th. Enjoy your 2v2 matches.

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Ranking The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild’s Best Amiibo-Exclusive Unlocks

As Brian Shea outlined in a recent opinion piece, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild’s Amiibo implementation serves as showcase for how to to do something both interesting and worthwhile with Nintendo’s little figures. None of the unlocks break the game or feel like required loot, but they are very cool, especially the possible bonuses connected to the non-Breath of the Wild Amiibos.

While worth using to grab more arrows, strong weapons, cooking items,etc., the Breath of the Wild Amiibos (seen above) offer items that you can find in the game without their aid. The previously-released Legend of Zelda Amiibos, however, offer the best loot as it can’t be found otherwise in Breath of the Wild, and it’s full of callbacks to past Zelda games. We decided to rank those items in order to create a functional resource to learn what stuff you
can get from Amiibos, and also create a platform for all of use to argue about which unlocks are the best.

Note that while the clothing items are each awarded separately (cap, tunic, or trousers) we decided to rank each one as a set.

17. Sea-breeze Boomerang

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Google.org, BlackRock and others commit $2.2 million to Fast Forward’s nonprofit tech accelerator

As impact investing gains traction in the market, a new accelerator for tech nonprofits called Fast Forward has raised $2.2 million in philanthropic funding from the nonprofit arms of some of the world’s largest companies and financial services firms. BlackRock, Google.org, Comcast NBCUniversal, and AT&T joined Zendesk, Twilio.org, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, the Nasiri and Rita… Read More …read more