February 2017

Horizon Zero Dawn: Beginner Tips, Upgrade Guides, And Other Valuable Lessons

Like a cavewoman stumbling out of the confines of her tribe
for the first time, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by Horizon Zero Dawn’s
massive world. While the game does a good job of imparting the basics of combat
and progression, a lot of questions remain. What are the best skills to go for?
What inventory upgrades should I prioritize? What loot should I hold onto, and
what can I sell? Keep reading for the answers to these questions and much, much

I’ve played a
lot of Horizon Zero Dawn
lately, and while I haven’t completed everything
there is to see and do in the game, I have learned plenty of valuable lessons during
my 50+ hour playthrough that I wish I had known sooner. Here’s my list of
spoiler-free recommendations for beginners.

Skill Upgrades: What
To Get And When
Horizon Zero Dawn features a variety of abilities that you
can unlock via skills points earned from leveling up and completing certain
missions. These skills fall into three main categories: Prowler (stealth), Brave
(combat), and Forager (crafting and enemy overrides). While the abilities are
aligned across nine columns, pay special
to the lines that connect certain skills – some trees end early
or fan out into other columns, so make sure you aren’t buying up …read more

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‘Meganoid’ 2017 Reboot Almost Complete, March Release Possible

Orangepixel has been working hard on the 2017 reboot of Meganoid, one of the solo developer’s earliest titles. And it’s coming along remarkably well! Like, it’s almost done. No joke. Orangepixel says the game’s about 98% done and on track for a March release. There’s 24 different consumable items to use in the game, from detonators to jetpacks. Don’t worry, free-to-play haters: “consumable” doesn’t mean in-app purchases: this will be a paid game without IAP.

There are various ‘hacks’ you can unlock which will change up how the game plays. The levels will be procedurally generated, but you’ll have four worlds with three bonus areas to try and tackle. Even I thought this was a lot further out than expected, but I’m excited to check it out in March. Until then, the forum thread for the game is gonna be your friend to get more details on this game.

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The Switch’s Architect On Why Nintendo’s Consoles Are Different

Nintendo gave the world its first look at the Switch in
October, followed by an in-depth presentation in January. This left the company
with only a couple of months to inform gamers about its newest console/handheld
hybrid – a situation that has left consumers extremely curious about Nintendo’s
next big step forward in the gaming space. We chatted with the deputy general manager
of Nintendo’s Entertainment Planning & Development division, Yoshiaki
Koizumi, about the initial vision for the Switch, how this new console is an
evolution of Nintendo’s previous hardware, and why the right Joy-Con is red.

When did you
first start dreaming about the Switch and what was the initial vision?

We are always thinking about new hardware, and we started
working on this plan about three years ago. Since then, there have been a lot
of discussions between our staff, and we tried a lot of different things.
Nintendo’s concept of a social experience for the game systems we have
developed in the past has been to provide a chance to play games together in
your living room. To adjust that to the world as it is today, we decided that
an unfettered experience that can be enjoyed anywhere would ultimately maximize
the number of people who can enjoy our games and …read more

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The ‘Hearthstone’ Patch that Nerfs Pirates and Changes Ladder and Arena Is on the Way

We had a hunch that the big Hearthstone [Free] patch that will change the game quite a bit would hit today, and we were right. Even though it will take a bit for it to hit mobile, it’s definitely on the way. What does the patch bring? Well, a ton of huge changes that should rejuvenate the game. The first is the addition of floors in Ranked; you won’t be able to drop below certain ranks – 20, 15, 10, 5, and Legend – once you hit them. That should help the Ladder feel more fun and the level of challenge more appropriate for the rank, especially after the first week or so of the season. The other big change is the Arena shift from Wild to Standard and the change in card frequency; expect to see more rare, epics, and legendaries as well as more spells and fewer neutral basic/classic cards.

The other huge change is the two nerfs that should hopefully reduce the power of Pirates and Shaman. The first is Small-time Buccaneer’s health going from 2 down to 1 and the other is Spirit Claws’ …read more

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‘The Amazing Bernard’ Has Gone Free for the First Time

The Amazing Bernard [Free] is a pretty smart auto-runner/platformer where you get to create platforms and springs to keep Bernard going. Now, the game has gone free for the first time, and if you like smart, though not perfect, platformers, you should pick this one up. While the game has a few small issues – the jumping is on the floaty side and the whole game moves a bit too slow – it’s definitely entertaining and comes with a ton of content and great art. Amazing Bernard has 30 unique levels for you to power through along with a Challenge Mode, where you play all 30 levels in a row and gain bigger rewards as you go along.

The developers have continued updating the game since it came out, with the most recent update adding new obstacles and challenges and improving the 3 Endless Runner stages with new obstacles and better control. The game is free, so go pick it up.

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17 Nintendo Switch Games Announced

Overcooked! Special Edition, Runner 3, Yooka-Laylee, and 13 other games were announced for the Nintendo Switch during today’s Nintendo Direct.

Check out the full details about every game revealed during the Direct below:

Chucklefish Games and ConcernedApe will bring Stradew Valley to the Switch later this summer, and it will be the first console version of the game to support Stardew’s new multiplayer feature. For more on the game, read IGN’s Stardew Valley review.

SteamWorld Dig 2

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Ankama’s New CCG ‘Krosmaga’ Lets You Play as a God

Ankama, of Krosmaster and Dofus fame, has given us another interesting mobile game called Krosmaga [Free], and it looks pretty fun. This CCG will remind you a lot of Mojang’s ill-fated Scrolls in that you use cards to place units on a battlefield and take out the other player’s towers while protecting yours. In Kromaga, you play as a god and can unleash godly – and probably ungodly – powers upon your poor opponent. As with every CCG, you collect cards, build decks – or go with the premade ones the game offers – and go for either the PvP or the single player mode.

The cards come from the Krosmoz universe, so if you’ve played any of the other Ankama games, you’ll recognize many of the cards in your hand. The trailer looks very nice, so I’m definitely giving this one a shot. The game is out now and is F2P.

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WorkJam raises $12 million to communicate with hourly workers

There is plenty of enterprise software for the white-collar workforce, but there still isn’t an ideal way to communicate with employees who aren’t sitting at a desk. That’s the thesis behind WorkJam, which is announcing $12 million in funding from Lerer Hippeau Ventures, Blumberg Capital, Founder Collective and NovelTMT.
The Montreal-based startup, whose clients include… Read More …read more