December 2016

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‘Apollo Justice Ace Attorney’ Hits the App Store

We’re just mere moments away from our usual “Out Now” post, but I figured the arrival of Apollo Justice Ace Attorney [$0.99] was worth it’s own little heads up. For those keeping score at home, Apollo Justice is the fourth game in the beloved Ace Attorney main series, though it doesn’t actually star everyone’s favorite ace attorney Phoenix Wright. No matter though, as our own Shaun Musgrave notes in the original announcement of this iOS port, “Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney is both important to the overall story of the series and still a pretty awesome game in its own right.” Just over a week ago the release date for Apollo Justice was announced, with iOS hitting right now and the Android version coming just one week later.

Apollo Justice Ace Attorney weighs in at a hefty 2.4 gigs, so make sure you’ve got some spare room on your device before you dive in. Also, the incredibly low price of 99¢ will land you the first half of the first episode of the game, with additional episodes available via additional IAP. Pretty standard stuff for the Ace …read more

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RDR, Undead Nightmare PS Now Release Date Announced

Red Dead Redemption and the standalone expansion Undead Nightmare will both become available for PlayStation Now subscribers on December 6, Rockstar Games announced today.

Rockstar previously revealed that the original Red Dead Redemption would be hitting PS Now as part of the company’s partnership with Sony in the lead-up to the launch of Red Dead Redemption 2. This, effectively, acts as the first time the original RDR is available to play on PC, as PS Now functionality on PC became available earlier this year.

Red Dead Redemption 2 was announced earlier this year after Rockstar began teasing the game on social media with a series of images. The game is currently

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Online real estate service OpenDoor raises $210M Series D despite risky financing model

This afternoon, Norwest Venture Partners announced that it led a massive $210 million Series D investment round in OpenDoor. The startup is looking to expand the usage of its marketplace platform for buying and selling real estate to 10 cities with the new capital. OpenDoor is unique in that it owns its own inventory of homes. While the predictive analytics the company employs to project… Read More …read more

Crafting A Story About Relationships And Dealing With Failure For Pyre

Supergiant Games’ first two games, Bastion and Transistor, are isometric action games. They have very different settings and Transistor improved on the combat of Bastion, but the mechanical similarities were obvious. However, their upcoming game Pyre, due out sometime next year, is set to be an RPG revolving around a sports-like 3v3 ritual. At the heart of that strange leap is a desire to craft a story about a larger cast of characters and dealing with failure.

According to Greg Kasavin of Supergiant Games, the team enjoyed crafting the worlds of Bastion and Transistor, but realized that both games have very few characters in them. “This time around, we got excited by the idea of the player getting close to an interesting cast of characters over the course of a grand journey, and having some impact over what happened to them,” he says.

“We wanted the stakes of the story to be high, but not the kind of life-or-death struggle that’s there in a lot of games, so that these characters would have to recover from their losses and the game and story could move forward even if the player failed in a …read more

Master An Alien Language In Sci-Fi Puzzler Sethian

In dialogue choice-driven games, your words define you. Through your conversation, you can be a noble hero saving the galaxy, a good friend, a selfish father figure during the undead apocalypse, a suave spy. The challenge lies in choosing what to say.

In Sethian, you do have to choose what to say, uncovering the secrets of a lost civilization through your queries. But first you have to learn how to say it, because question, answer, and in fact the majority of the game’s UI is presented in an alien language. It’s a text adventure from another world.

Sethian‘s premise is simple. You’re on an distant colony, following in the footsteps of a previous researcher, and your only means to dig deeper is through an ancient computer AI. But the AI only communicates through “Sethianese”, so to achieve your goal, you must master how to speak back and read the otherworldly dialect.

Fortunately, you have the notes of that aforementioned researcher as your guide. With the handwritten notes that explain basic syntax, sentence construction, and a dictionary, Sethian unfolds as a fascinating puzzle-adventure hybrid. At the start, the game can feel …read more

Are Guns in Video Games Holding the Medium Back?

‘The American Dream’ is a VR game where your hands are a pair of floating guns, and you must complete menial, everyday tasks – feed yourself, go to work, feed your children – using only your bullets, your magazines, and your gosh-darned patriotic attitude. With its Norman Rockwell-kissed aesthetic and a (not unkind) satirical take on the Second Amendment, The American Dream is a very American game.

It is, however, currently being developed in Australia, a country that enacted strict gun control laws in 1996. For many of us who grew up in antipodean countries, our obsession with guns in video games was, and continues to be, in contrast to our nonplussed environment. In New Zealand, for instance, police officers don’t even carry firearms. According to Nicholas McDonnell, whose studio Samurai Punk is behind The American Dream, this mental tug-of-war formed much of the inspiration for the game’s gentle satire. “

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