November 2016

Aqua Moto Racing Utopia Lets You Hit The Waves Alone Or With Pals

Aqua Moto Racing Utopia will have you taking to the waves on a jet ski, doing so up against friends, in single player mode, or in some more lighthearted modes that will let you just enjoy hurtling over the surf. If you’ve been dying to race over waves…64 times…or…moto your…jet…, strap on your uncomfortably-small speedo and hit the water.

That could have gone better.

Aqua Moto Racing Utopia lets you take a customized rider onto your customized jet ski, rushing through the water on fifty different tracks across several styles of environment. It’s up to you what you do in those places, as you can race against an AI or your buddies, do some time attacks, play keep-away with a flag, or just goof off and do a couple of stunts in free roaming modes. It’s really up to you what you do on your jet ski.

If you do want to race with pals, you can bring four of them into a split-screen match, or have up to eight in a single race online. That’s a lot of people staring at your majestic backside rippling in that tiny speedo your customizable character is …read more

Space MMO ‘Hades’ Star’ Looking for Alpha Testers

If you want to take a trip to Hades (sorry, couldn’t resist), check out the upcoming Hades’ Star, a persistent space MMO looking for Alpha testers in our Upcoming Games forum. The game is still in very early development, but if you want to be one of the first to travel the uncharted galaxies of an MMO, now is the time to join. According to this dev blog, Hades’ Star aims to be less complicated than games like EVE Online but still be deep and interesting. Same goes for UI complexity, which can be a problem when the game is running on an iPhone. The other main design goal is to adapt this MMO to the particularities of the mobile platform. In other words, players should be able to jump in and out of the game quickly without experiencing long loading times. They are trying to do so by having the entire game take place on a single screen.

There are some other interesting goals in the blog, so I recommend you take a look if you’re wondering whether Hades’ Star is for you or not. If it is, head over to our forum thread to sign up …read more

Skillz wins two new patents, is now helping brands sponsor e-sports tournaments

Game tech startup Skillz today launched a service that allows brands to easily sponsor and host mobile e-sports tournaments for any game titles that they like, as long as they are already part of the Skillz platform. As we’ve previously reported, Skillz enables developers to turn mobile games into tournament-playable titles, without writing a ton of new code. Its technology operates as… Read More …read more

Game Informer’s Holiday Buying Guide 2016

Let us introduce you to a few things you didn’t even know you wanted. Whether you’re looking for a hot new item to add to your wish list or need that perfect geeky gift to give to a loved one, here’s a roundup of the best toys and tech money can buy this year. Who needs Santa? You have us.

Text by Ben Reeves & Matt Miller

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Chicozy Cotton Avengers Alliance | $9.99
Dress your couch in the finest nerdery without breaking the bank. These stylish throw pillows are made out of a durable cotton linen and measure 18 inches square.

Fallout Antique Gold & Silver Vault 111 Pocket Watch | $15.00
Punctuality will still be in style even after the apocalypse. Keep perfect time during V.A.T.S. firefights with this 1.7-inch, antique-styled quartz pocket watch.

Society6 Dinosaur Art | $18.00
These gallery-quality Giclées come on ultra-smooth, 100 percent cotton paper, but you could print this art on …read more

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Halo 5: Guardians Reality eSports TV Series in the Works

An eSports television series centered around the Microsoft-exclusive first-person shooter Halo 5: Guardians is in the works.

According to Variety, developer 343 Industries has signed a deal with TV production company Pilgrim Media Group to develop the competition-focused reality series.

Kiki Wolfkill, the head of Halo Transmedia at 343 Industries, expressed her excitement to be working with Pilgrim Media to “bring the intensity and extreme competition of Halo 5: Guardians eSports to a television audience,” saying, “there is no better partner than Pilgrim to give our fans insight into the world of Halo eSports.”

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Orwell Review

George Orwell, the author of Animal Farm and Nineteen Eighty-Four, is the sort of writer whose work is unlikely to ever feel irrelevant or unimportant. Although his writing is only explicitly mentioned a few times in Orwell, the game questions modern surveillance techniques and the security of online communication in a way you’d imagine the author would were he still alive.

You play as an “investigator” with access to Orwell, the ironically named surveillance system used to accumulate data on suspicious individuals. Your first day on the job opens with a bomb detonating in a public park, and the next five days, spread between five chapters, are dedicated to working out who was behind this attack and preventing further incidents. This is all done by collecting information about suspects from their digital presence, both public (blogs, comments, social media) and private (bank account, phone calls, email, their home desktops).

The Watergate name is a bit on the nose.

The Orwell program has an “Ethical Codex” that requires each piece of intelligence found to go through a two-step process. Data you find can be sent on to an “adviser” who does not have access to the …read more

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Check Out How the Lovely ‘Don’t Grind’ Was Made

Don’t Grind [Free] is a silly game, but silly in the positive sense of the word. We really like it here at TouchArcade towers, and it’s no accident it was our Game of the Week. Something about trying to keep those poor vegetables, sweets, or whatever from dying at the blades of the huge buzzsaws is endearing, especially because the physics work great and make the game feel good. The game has just released a funny video to celebrate 2 million players, so we thought it would be a good time to write about this developer blog that talks about the game’s origin and all the development decisions that went into making it. For instance, the developers wanted to have gore and screaming in the game but made sure it was more on the funny than horrifying side. That’s why you won’t see red-colored blood or any little animals falling into those buzzsaws.

The other important design decision had to do with how to make the inanimate objects of the game come to life. To do that, they gave the objects eyebrows, eyes, and a mouth …read more

Founder Collective easily finds $75 million for fund three

Founder Collective, the seven-year-old, Cambridge, Ma.-based seed-stage venture fund, has closed its third fund with $75 million in capital from a small group of limited partners whose so-called anchor investors are the the firm’s three partners: David Frankel, Micah Rosenbloom and Eric Paley.
“Unlike most funds, the partners are, in fact, the single-largest investor in [our new fund]. Read More …read more

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Former DICE Devs Announce New Free-to-Play Game

Lightbulb Crew, a small developer made up in part of former DICE and Ubisoft employees, has announced Games of Glory, a top-down multiplayer team shooter for PlayStation 4 and PC.

The small, France-based studio provided some early details in a press release Wednesday morning. Players will be able to choose between 15 characters across five general character classes, each with different skills, as you might imagine. You’ll also get around 50 guns and melee weapons to choose between to boot. Battles will be either 3v3 or 5v5.

Games of Glory will be free-to-play next year, and will support cross-play between PS4 and Steam users.

Vincent Ingenito is IGN’s foremost fighting game nerd. Follow him on Twitter and help him sort out his Street Fighter 5 character crisis.

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Roguelike Strategy RPG ‘Crowntakers’ Getting iPhone Support in January

In March of last year, Kalypso Media released a refreshing take on the roguelike genre with Crowntakers [$3.99 (HD)]. By taking elements from turn-based strategy RPGs and blending in some of the most popular elements of roguelikes, they created an experience that was more than the sum of its parts. Also, by including two difficult levels, one where you could take your characters and experience levels with you game to game and one that was truly permadeath and caused you to start completely over upon death, Crowntakers appealed to a wide audience of gamers. We loved it in our review and really the only problem was that Crowntakers was an iPad-only game, limiting the amount of people who could play it. Well, that’s no longer going to be the case as Kalypso has announced that Crowntakers will be receiving iPhone support this coming January. Here’s how the game will look on the iPhone.



<img src="" alt="crowntakers_screenshots_appstore_04" width="1200" height="628" srcset=" 1200w,×157.png …read more