July 2016

One-Man Team Creating A Mixture Of Ninja Gaiden & Final Fantasy

3D action game Lost Soul Aside looks good. REAL good. Ninja Gaiden-like action with a Final Fantasy-style look? That is a thing I would like, especially judging from the gorgeous visuals in the trailer.

The sole developer, Bing Yang, hasn’t released much info on the game short of a little description and the gameplay trailer below that you need to sit down and watch, but we do know that the game features a teleporting, fast hero who cuts down his enemies with a glowing blue sword (which leaves a pretty trail). I’m getting more of a PS2 Shinobi vibe from the teleporting hero, but either way, the combat looks sharp and quick, and I am dying to know more.

For more information on Lost Soul Aside and developer Bing Yang, you can follow them on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.

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Didi Chuxing, Uber Are Now Legal In China

For those living in China, using ride-hailing apps Didi Chuxing and Uber has become a part of daily life. Which is why it might surprise some to hear they were illegal until a few days ago.

The services finally left the legal grey zone on Thursday, when a group of regulators announced new laws which will make ride-hailing legal under as of November 1st.

Until now, the services could’ve been shut down without notice, despite a fielding billions of dollars in investment, some from the Chinese government’s sovereign investment fund itself. While a blanket ban would’ve been unlikely, the government did use the legal distinction to periodically arrest drivers and stop the companies speaking at industry events.

The legalization comes with some draw backs for the companies. When the law comes into effect later this year drivers will have to have a recent car, three years’ driving experience, no criminal record and a license from a local taxi-regulator. It’s a comparatively soft set of regulations compared to earlier proposals, but it still raises the entry barrier for new drivers.

Both Uber and Didi Chuxing have poured billions into their China expansion efforts. Didi Chuxing sealed a $1 billion USD investment from U.S. tech giant …read more

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‘Pokemon GO’ 1.1 Update Has Fixed a Few of the Game’s Issues

Hello Pokemon trainers, I hope this story finds you out and about hunting for Pokemon. Niantic has decided to help your hunt be a bit smoother by releasing a new update for Pokemon GO [Free] that fixes some of the game’s issues. Update 1.1 lets you re-customize your trainer’s avatar form the profile screen, which makes sense. It has also adjusted some Pokemon battle move damage values, removed footprints of nearby Pokemon, adjusted battle damage calculation, refined some of the Gym animations, updated the Pokemon details UI and the achievement medals art, and fixed issues with displaying certain map features.

As you can tell, this update is pretty much Niantic trying to make the experience of playing the game better before even attempting to add new features. At the same time, this is a much more substantial update than the previous one, which famously only offered some minor text fixes. I know from attending the San Diego Comic-Con Pokemon GO panel that the developers are constantly working on the server issues, so even though there’s no mention of that in this update, I’m sure the work continues. The …read more

The Voices Of SpongeBob And Patrick Explore The Series’ Success

As one of the most enduring programs on television today, SpongeBob Squarepants transcended simply being a popular show long ago. As a veritable cultural mainstay, the award-winning show has not only spawned over 200 episodes during its 17 years on-air, but also two theatrical films (with a third said to be in development) and tens of video games.

This feature was originally published July 29, 2016.

While clever writing and undeniable charm have paved the way for the show’s success and longevity, the core of the series’ appeal are the two main characters, SpongeBob and Patrick, voiced by Tom Kenny and Bill Fagerbakke respectively. I sat down with the two stars of SpongeBob Squarepants to find out exactly why the series has been so successful and what they go through to create and maintain such beloved characters.

SpongeBob and Patrick
are two iconic, beloved characters. When you first got these roles,
was there any indication that these were not only going to be around for a long
time, but would also have such a cultural impact?

Bill Fagerbakke: No! [Laughs] It’s such a crapshoot! So many
things have to break the right way and by some magical serendipity, I think
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The Most Bizzare Pokémon Go Stories We’ve Heard Thus Far

There’s no doubt about it: Pokémon Go has become a cultural phenomenon, and it’s rapidly engrossing players worldwide. Because of its immense popularity and its ability to mesh into real life on such a wide scope, several surreal news stories have popped up, from armed robbers luring unsuspecting players to a PokéStop to a woman finding a dead body whilst playing. Here are the craziest stories surrounding Pokémon Go that have caught our attention so far.

Pokémon Go Player Crashes Into Cop Car
It should go without saying that driving and playing Pokémon Go is a disastrous combination, but this logic didn’t hit home with everyone. A man from Baltimore was zooming down the street in his car and accidentally crashed into a parked cop car. Apparently, it was because he was too busy staring down at the game on his phone, which he admitted quickly to the cops standing nearby. Unfortunately for him, it was also all caught on camera.

Woman Gets Stuck In Tree While Searching For Pokémon In Cemetery
A woman from New Jersey was reportedly playing Pokémon Go in a cemetery, and somehow ended up stuck in a tree there. …read more

You have The Power To Change The Seasons (And The Levels) Of Fox N Forests

An evil force is creating living, evil trees and other weird mutants, and the crosssbow-wielding fox hero of Fox N Forests is having none of it. Mind you, the crossbow is a handy tool for stomping out the sinister larch, but even more useful is the fox’s ability to change the season, which changes the whole level along with it.

The fox can flip any given stage between two different seasons, which has effects on what secrets you can find and how you can progress. River blocking your path? Freeze it over with a little winter’s chill. Want a plant to grow? A little Summer sun can work wonders. Changing seasons has all sorts of effects for the fox, and hides several secrets throughout the game.

If you like to see fall leaves and snowswept trees in the same moment you’re blasting apart diabolical deciduous, Fox N Forests will have you covered in 2017.

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We’re Streaming iOS Games Live on Mobcrush [RPGs on Saturday Mornings with Birthday Boy Shaun!]

We’re streaming live on Mobcrush right now. There’s a couple different ways you can watch the stream, and they all work equally well and it’s really just a matter of personal preference as to which method you prefer. The easiest way to watch is just watching the embedded player right here on TouchArcade. In the interest of being polite, we mute the audio. If you’re somewhere you can listen, be sure to turn it back up- the controls for that are in the lower right corner of the video stream. Alternatively, if you’re on a mobile device, download the free Mobcrush app for iOS [Free], also available on Google Play. From there, search for TouchArcade. If you follow us, you’ll get alerts when we’re streaming. Last, but not least, you can visit our channel directly in your browser at mobcrush.com/toucharcade. Oh, and if you want to participate in chat, you’ll need to register over on Mobcrush first.

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The TouchArcade Show – 268 – Moving Too Fast

Last week was so packed with great iOS game releases that a lot of them actually spilled over into this week’s podcast. It’s all good though, as we’re talking a solid hour of nothing but game chat. Those games include Severed [$5.99], Phoenix 2 [Free], Road Not Taken [$4.99], Tinker Island [Free], Duck Roll [Free], Snakebird [Free], Dunkers [Free], and last, but not least Snow Horse [$1.99].

Don’t forget to shoot us emails with any questions, feedback, or anything else relevant or irrelevant to podcast@toucharcade.com. We read ’em all, and love decoding messages written entirely in emoji. As always, you can listen to us with the links below… And if you like what you hear, please subscribe and/or drop us a review in iTunes. Much appreciated!

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Replay – Disaster: Day Of Crisis

This week we take a look at a game that didn’t come to North America – but maybe it should have.

Andrew Reiner, Jeff Cork, and me are joined this week by Elise Favis, our newest associate editor, for her inaugural episode of Replay. We play a game sent to us by a reader, who also had to go through the trouble of sending us a Japanese Wii console so we could play the game. And it was worth all the effort because this game is a gem. We also discuss the history of Pokémon with pure facts, and explore a Pokémon game that you have almost certainly forgotten.

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For more episodes of Replay, check out our Replay hub, or click on the banner below to watch episodes on YouTube.

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