February 2016

What Is #29DaysOfBlackCosplay?

Alongside Black History Month, a community of cosplayers have created the hashtag #29DaysOfBlackCosplay to highlight cosplay diversity.

Chaka Cumberbatch, a cosplayer and advocate for diversity in the geek community, told IGN, “This is about lifting each other up instead of waiting for anyone to do it for us. It’s about giving light to black cosplayers of all ages, shapes, skill levels and sizes. It’s about making this community a little more welcoming than it was when we came into it. And most of all – it’s about positivity. Many (if not all) of the cosplayers taking part in the campaign this month have had negative experiences while cosplaying due to our race. This is us taking those lemons and making about a gallon of lemonade.”

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Foursaken Media’s Upcoming ‘War Tortoise’ is Like a Clicker but With 3rd Person Shooting

Foursaken Media continues to put out game after game, and not long after releasing All is Lost, the developers are planning on releasing their new game, War Tortoise, somewhere in March or early April. As for what this new game is? Well, as it’s usually their style, the developers have taken different genres and molded them together. As the developers describe it in our forums, War Tortoise is like a clicker/tapper but you replace the clicking/tapping mechanic with 3rd person shooting. What that means in terms of gameplay is that there’s an emphasis on wave progression, the upgrade loop, prestige mechanic, and manual vs auto DPS. You can see from the gifs below that there’s a crazy amount of action going on on screen, and it looks like a lot of fun.

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The developers have also focused on making the game look as pretty as possible by including physically based lighting, bloom, reflections, real time shadows, and other high end graphical effects. Add to that how the game will run at 60 fps on the latest devices, and you can guess how nice it should look. You’ll also …read more

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Clever Tangram-Style Puzzler ‘Zenge’ Gets New Trailer, Arriving in Latter Half of March

Back in December we checked out the trailer for a clever upcoming puzzle game called Zenge. The actual puzzles were similar to Tangram puzzles, but with a couple of unique wrinkles. One is that each of the pieces of the puzzles had a track of sorts, meaning it had to be slid in in a certain way. Since some pieces could interfere with the tracks of the other pieces of the puzzle, putting the pieces together in the correct order was a key component in addition to placing it in its correct orientation and spot on the board. The other neat feature of Zenge is that each puzzle created a picture which went towards telling an overarching story. A few days ago Zenge developer Hamster On Coke Games (yes that is their actual name) posted a brand new trailer for the game.

This latest Zenge trailer shows a few of the more complex puzzles, though as the developer notes in our forums none of the puzzles in the game are designed to be too difficult but each level was designed to be very different from one another, …read more

‘Train Conductor World’ from The Voxel Agents Releases on March 3rd

The Voxel Agents’ long-planned resurrection of their Train Conductor franchise finally comes to frutition this week, as Train Conductor World releases on March 3rd. The game’s been given a fresh coat of paint with three-dimensional visuals, but The Voxel Agents says they’ve also done some work on refining how the train conducting works to be better than ever. Considering that the series hasn’t seen a new entry in over 5 years, one would hope! But then again, trains are trains and I mean, switching rails can always be made more efficient, but it’s still rail-switching. The point is that Train Conductor World should bring back some tried-and-true fun from a franchise that has seen over 7 million downloads back in the earlier days of the App Store.

Train Conductor World launches this Thursday, March 3rd, as a free download, and focuses on European railways, as you can see by the map below:

And of course, along with the new tweaks and levels, comes some tricky new challenges to complete and train customizations to unlock. Pimp that train!

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Developer of ‘Smash Hit’ and ‘Does Not Commute’ Announces New Puzzler ‘DIRAC’, Coming March 10th

Mediocre Games is the name of a company that makes really good games. It can get confusing, but it also makes sense. Most of the companies that flood the App Store with crappy shovelware are named “Best Top Games Flappy WhatsApp Kim Kardashian Company Limited” so I guess there’s an opposites effect in play. Anyway, the company that brought us such gems as Does Not Commute [Free], Smash Hit [Free], and the Sprinkle series are back again with an interesting new puzzler called DIRAC that’s like a game of fast-paced connect the dots. Red and blue protons slowly emanate out from an atom and it’s your job to connect as many same-colored ones as you can together without an opposite-colored one touching the line you make. In addition, if you can connect enough to create a giant circle, you’ll be awarded points for all the protons of either color that get trapped inside that circle. It’s a bit tricky to explain, so check out the brief trailer to get an idea of DIRAC.

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‘Bored Ogre’ is a Game of Makeshift Golf with Flinging Humans

So let’s say you’re a giant ogre. You have conquered all in your path. Humans are but a mere annoyance to you. Frankly, you’re bored at this point. You’ve got one life and you’re gonna live it up. But you gotta stay in the house. So, what are you gonna do? Well, those humans thought they might have just gotten stomped or eaten, but they have another thing coming. You, the giant ogre, construct makeshift golf courses, grab one of the humans you’ve collected, and send them flinging to their doom…in as few strokes as humanly possible, by flicking spoons as makeshift trebuchets. They’re taking flight and you’ll never get enough in Bored Ogre from Frozen Pepper:

The idea for this game seems completely ridiculous and I am entirely on board for what Bored Ogre is doing. Check out the forum thread, where you can ask Frozen Pepper questions about the game and provide feedback. I’m anxious to see and hear more about this silly game.

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Out This Week: Creed, Room & The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD

With so many new games and movies coming out, it can be hard to keep up. Lucky for you, IGN is here to help with a weekly round-up of the biggest releases each and every week. Check out the latest releases for this week, and be sure to come back next Monday for a new update.

Note: The prices and deals compiled below are accurate at the time we published this story, but all are subject to change.

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In Sweden, McDonalds Happy Meal Boxes Turn Into Google Cardboard-like VR Headsets

Watching the rapid evolution of VR technology in recent years has been pretty fascinating. Both the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive are now available for preorder, but as we’ve pointed out before, Google has shipped millions of Google Cardboard viewers. While the Cardboard experience is (obviously) nowhere near as good as what the Rift or Vive can offer, the accessibility is comparatively totally off the charts. Most people already have a smartphone capable of running Cardboard VR games and apps, they’re just missing the actual set of plastic lenses and the folded up cardboard to bring the whole experience together. Surprisingly enough, that’s where McDonalds comes in.

McDonalds locations in Sweden are kicking off a promotion called Happy Goggles. As the above video shows, the iconic red cardboard Happy Meal boxes are going to come packed with the lens kit and clever perforations in the box itself to carefully punch out and fold up your own Google Cardboard-like VR headset. The Happy Googles site mentions this is being tested in Sweden, but they hope to roll out the promotion to other countries soon.

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IBM Adds Post-Cyber Attack Planning With Resilient Systems Acquisition

The RSA security conference is being held this week in San Francisco where security pros come together to discuss strategy. IBM made several security announcements this morning ahead of the conference, headlined by the purchase of Resilient Systems. Instead of trying to prevent an attack, Resilient gives customers a plan to deal with a breach after it’s happened. While IBM offers… Read More …read more