November 2015

‘Digfender’ Review – Tunnel of Love

Digfender [Free] is basically a tower defense game combined with a “digging” game (if you couldn’t tell from the title alone). As far as the TD stuff is concerned, it’s all pretty standard. You’ve got waves of different enemies marching toward your base (a castle, in this case), and your job is to stop them by planting various weaponized towers in strategic places that will slow or kill the hordes. The towers themselves are pretty typical, too, with a fire tower, shock tower, freeze tower, and bomb tower, each with branching upgrade paths a la Kingdom Rush [Free]. On top of that, you’ve got several support towers that connect to the weapons to boost things like damage, range, and gold drops.


Where things get really interesting is in the digging aspects of the game. See, most tower defense games handle enemy paths in one of two ways: either with fixed paths that you have to place your towers around (like the Sentinel games) or by using the towers themselves to create your own path (like the Fieldrunners games). Digfenders essentially combines those two designs by actually letting you tap out your own path through a …read more

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New ‘Clash of Clans’ Town Hall 11 Update Sneak Peek Shows Level 9 Wizard Tower & Laboratory

We are officially in Week 2 of the Clash of Clans [Free] sneak peeks of the upcoming (maybe early December?) Town Hall 11 Update, an update that will bring major changes to the game millions love. Today’s reveal showed some of the Town Hall 11 upgrades including the gold and elixir storages that will max out at Level 12. If you add all the resources together (including what the Town Hall itself will be able to hold post-update), you get a maximum capacity of 10 million gold and 10 million elixir. We also got a peek at the new Laboratory and the Wizard Tower, which will now go up to Level 9. Today’s sneak peek seems to pave the way for more info this week on specifically the Town Hall 11 buildings and upgrades.

The last couple of days we also learned that the village area is going to get bigger after the update, but at the same time the attack time will increase by 30 seconds to make up for the size increase. And also, you’ll be able to request or donate one Dark Spell to your clan mates, and the donation menu will …read more

Super Replay – Beyond Good & Evil: Episode 3

One of the most criminally overlooked games from yesteryear, Beyond Good & Evil is a story-driven adventure that follows a photojournalist named Jade and her mechanic friend Pey’j. We won’t spoil where this journey goes, but fans of Zelda, Pokémon Snap, and fun science fiction stories should either watch our playthrough or pick up the game and play it. This is an exceptional game from developer Ubisoft Montpellier and legendary creator Michel Ancel.

Beyond Good & Evil was originally released for PlayStation 2, Xbox, GameCube, and PC on November 11, 2003, but to make it look better on your massive displays, we’re playing the HD re-release from 2011, which we downloaded through Xbox One’s snazzy, new backwards compatibility.

Unlike other Super Replays, we’re airing these episodes as soon as we finish them, and we won’t record more until you’ve watched and commented on the newest chapter. We want you the viewer to be a part of this journey as well. We plan to read as many comments as we can during the next episode. If you have any questions for us about Beyond Good & Evil, Replay, or video games in general, list them in the comments section below, or on …read more

Announcing TouchArcade Device Buybacks: Get Paid Cash Sending Us Your Old Devices

Our Patreon is doing great, TouchArcade Deals is super popular, and today we’re adding a third option for people to support the site while getting something (in this case, cold hard cash) in return: TouchArcade Device Buybacks! We’ve partnered up with the guys at MyPhones Unlimited, who much like us are a super small and scrappy outfit, to give people an easy way to turn that stack of old iPads and iPhones into money. Since it’s a tiny operation, the overall overhead is way lower, which translates directly into the amount given for each device. If you compare our buyback rates with the other guys you should see us offering more (sometimes just a few dollars, sometimes way more) than the bigger device buyback web sites.

Here’s how it works, if you’ve never done one of these before: You go through our site, and select whatever it is you want to get rid of. You’ll get a quote for how much we’ll buy it for, and you put in all your information. We’ll send out a box with a prepaid shipping label so all you’ve got to do is put your device in it, tape …read more

Fight as a Werebear and Become a Demon Lord in ‘Demon’s Rise: Path to Damnation’

The first Demon’s Rise [$2.99] game was a lot of fun, thanks to it having a ton of stuff to do, and a roster of character classes that was large and varied. Look, if you’ve ever wanted to rock out with a party containing a minotaur and a walking cannon, Demon’s Rise is the game for you. But what if you want to be evil instead? That’s what followup Demon’s Rise: Path to Damnation promises, the ability to possibly become a demon lord yourself.

The same core strategy gameplay is here, but now you’ll have an evil party to play with. Your actions and choices in battle and the campaign will allow you to gain or lose favor from the dark gods, with bonuses to be had for pleasing them, and possibly the ability to become a true demon lord. The story will be presented in a gamebook format, with branching paths to go through. Combat will feature many of the same elements as the original game, but with a new shadows system, arcane totems to power up, and a revamped critical hit system.

Demon’s Rise: Path to Damnation will be episodic with IAP for future episodes. The …read more

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‘Harmony 3’ Gets Big Holiday Level Pack Update This Week

BorderLeap keeps on working on their stylish iOS games, with Harmony 3 [$2.99] getting a festive holiday update this week on Thursday, December 3rd. 50 new levels, featuring snowfall, yuletide symbols, and colors that feel very December-ish and holiday-esque. Plus, there’s all new music from Hammock, who’s done the hypnotic tracks for the series. The level pack will be available right away, and will actually serve as a good introduction to the game if you haven’t played it before, starting off easy before getting more and more challenging.

Along with the new level pack on Thursday, the game has a new hints system where you can get the next move on the board from the start, which should help you out on those more devious puzzles. Thankfully, you can use a hint once and get it for subsequent attempts on the level. The free update will be out on Thursday.

…read more

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‘Euclidean Lands’ Looks Like ‘Monument Valley’ Meets ‘Lara Croft Go’

Are you sick of gorgeous isometric puzzle games inspired by Monument Valley [$3.99] yet? Me neither! Euclidean Lands is looking like another game following in the tradition of that game, but throwing some new wrinkles into the equation. For one, you can rotate levels to alter perspective, but also can spin them around like a Rubik’s Cube to change where everything is. And there seems to be combat and a movement system perhaps like Lara Croft Go [$2.99] has. Mixing a whole bunch of things from a list of already great games? Hmm, sounds intriguing!

This game by Miro Straka is in the works right now, and will be for mobile, but few details beyond that are available other than it’s “coming soon.” While a pretty look does not a great game make, this really does look gorgeous and worth keeping an eye on in the coming months. Follow the game’s Twitter account for updates on the game.

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LucidCam Hits Its $100K Campaign Goal, Team Partners With Sephora On VR Content

When we first met the team building the LucidCam, they aimed to raise $100,000 on Indiegogo. They found their 264 backers to get them there. Their goal remains to bring the ability to shoot immersive virtual reality content with a camera that fits in your pocket. And at a reasonable price ($299). I caught up with Lucid’s CEO, Han Jin, to see what’s next. TC: You hit your goal.… Read More …read more