August 2015

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Quirky Space Sim ‘Cosmonautica’ Hits the App Store

In September of last year, developer Chasing Carrots released their humorous space simulation game Cosmonautica [$6.99] onto Steam Early Access. It had been in development for more than a year prior to that, and spent all that time in Early Access getting fine-tuned based on player feedback. We reported back in May that the game was shooting for release in late June and that it would be heading to mobile at the same time. Today the day has finally arrived that Cosmonautica is officially out of Early Access, and along with that the game has arrived on iOS. Check out the launch trailer to get an idea of what Cosmonautica is all about.

Man, I LOVE the quirkiness and personality of Cosmonautica based on the trailer and the few minutes I’ve spent with it so far. Unfortunately, the reception in our forums has been a bit lukewarm. Reports that the game isn’t as high resolution as the PC version and that the UI elements are way too tiny on an iPhone screen echo my own first impressions. I’m wondering if the resolution issue is a bug or if it had to be scaled …read more