July 2015

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Nitrome Teases Mysterious New Game, ‘Beneath the Lighthouse’

Nitrome’s been on a game-releasing roll lately, with their interesting take on the auto-runner Vault [Free] seeing release recently. But while they’re making a lot of games with whimsy and arcade flavor, they seem interested in branching out a bit. That’s at least what the trailer for Beneath the Lighthouse seems to indicate, a more atmospheric experience from Nitrome, perhaps? The teaser isn’t saying much, but it’s more than enough to have me intrigued:

I’m on board with whatever they’re doing, and really interested to see just what this game will be. It promises to be full of their famed pixel art style, though, with maybe a bit of Ridiculous Fishing [$2.99] in there? I have no clue what to expect, and Nitrome is keeping their mouths shut about the game for now. Hopefully we hear some details soon enough…

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Nintendo Voice Chat: Making Magic With Super Mario Maker

Download Nintendo Voice Chat Here

Supercharge your podcast feed with Nintendo Voice Chat. Art by Pandamusk.

IGN’s Nintendo show returns after a week in Japan. Join host Jose Otero, Peer Schneider, and Brian Altano, as the crew discusses two anticipated games in Super Mario Maker and Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer. Then, after the break, the crew discusses the big August update for Splatoon, the Smash Bros’ next DLC pack, Dragon Quest XI’s announcement, and more.

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Curious Adventure Game ‘Barmark’ Arrives on Android, iOS Version Coming Next Week

It’s hard to believe that it was a year and a half ago that I first came across Barmark, a new point and click adventure game from Swedish developer Stormhatt Studios. The thing that caught my attention about Barmark at the time was just how… strange it was. The music, the visuals, the overall atmosphere. It really looked unique. Even Stormhatt’s description of what you did in Barmark was intriguing, as they described it as a game with “no goals, no points and no death.” About 6 months later, Stormhatt released a second trailer which attempted to explain further what you did in the game, which it sort of did, but it still left us with a ton of questions. Well, it’s been a long time in the works, but Barmark is finally finished and has just been released on Android.

As for the iOS release, Stormhatt says it’s been slightly delayed, but not too long. Expect that to hit sometime next week. I’m looking forward to actually getting my hands on Barmark and finding out what it’s all about for myself after so many mysterious trailers and descriptions. If you’re of the Android …read more

The Most Important Day In Gaming History – July 31

You’ve likely heard a lot of juicy tales regarding the creation of some of the industry’s biggest games, but the stories behind the stories are even juicer. Did you know that July 31 is actually one of the most eventful days in gaming history? Learn about all of the historic happenings that have occurred on this day throughout the years.

July 31, 1974 – Future game designer Shigeru Miyamoto watches in horror as a freak electrical surge overloads the family computer and traps his brother’s soul inside the machine. The young Miyamoto vows to give his brother’s life meaning. Years later, Miyamoto designs the Legend of Zelda, finally bringing to life the fantasy world he and his brother dreamed about as children. To this day, Miyamoto believes that if he ever stops making Zelda games his brother’s soul will fade from reality.

July 31 1982 – Atari game designer Howard Scott Warshaw meets with legendary filmmaker Steven Spielberg, but during the meeting, Spielberg accidentally refers to Howard as Herman. Embittered, Warshaw spends the next several weeks designing a game based off Spielberg’s film E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial that is so terrible it almost ruins the film. Spielberg learns of Warshaw’s plans …read more

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Valve Releases New Rare Dota 2 Treasures

Valve has released two new chests full of rare cosmetic items for Dota 2.

Called the Trove Carafe and Lockless Luckvase, each chest includes at least one cosmetic item, with a chance of scoring a “very rare” or “extra rare” item. The extra rare items are gold-colored versions of the normal treasures.

Check out all of the new Immortals below, minus the gold versions.

The chests are $4 USD for a regular version, and $5 for a version digitally autographed by popular Dota 2 personalities. If you don’t like the item you receive, you can choose to destroy it for a chance to receive a new chest.

For more on Valve and its major yearly Dota 2 tournament, The International, check back with IGN from August 3-8.

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