April 2015

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Xbox 360 Update Supports Larger Storage

Xbox 360 players can implement an update today that brings a number of improvements to their consoles, including support for more external storage.

The update, which grants support for up to 2TB of external storage, was granted to Xbox 360 Preview Program members earlier this month. This is one of the most requested improvements to Microsoft’s last-gen console, Xbox’s Major Nelson said –– as of today, anyone can use the larger hard drives.

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Developer PSA: You Can Now Sign Up For App Analytics on iTunes Connect

One of the thing developers seemed particularly stoked for following last year’s WWDC was Apple’s own analytics package for app developers. Analytics packages have existed for quite a while now from third party services, but Apple’s analytics likely will be better since they don’t open up their back end to third party providers.

Developers can apply for beta access right now by logging in here and requesting access. According to the rumor mill, access is already being granted to developers who were quick on the draw, so don’t waste time!

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Valve: Devs Can Permanently Ban Cheaters on Steam

In an effort to reduce the number of players who may be cheating during online games, Valve has now given game developers the ability to permanently ban “disruptive players” from their games.

MCV discovered this earlier today after spotting it on the Steam Community.

“Playing games should be fun. In order to ensure the best possible online multiplayer experience, Valve allows developers to implement their own systems that detect and permanently ban any disruptive players, such as those using cheats,” the official post reads.

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How Persona’s Social Links Can Make You A Better Person

Social links help shift the Persona series, and they are quickly
becoming one of the most popular aspects after their introduction in Persona 3.
The relationship-building mechanic lets you interact with various classmates
and townsfolk by helping them overcome various real-life issues. They also gave
you some extra perks with Persona fusion, but that’s far from what made you
engage with them. Persona made social links intimate, not some superficial
dating-sim mechanic, and Atlus conveyed an important message with them about
life and the impact we can have on other lives with small gestures. This stayed
with me long after the credits rolled.

Behind the fiction of evil shadows attacking and being able
to summon a Persona based on Arcana (tarot cards) to defeat them, you live out
a seemingly ordinary life as a teenager attending high school. You have to pass
your exams, make small talk with classmates, and participate in extracurricular
activities like soccer or band. You always have a choice of how to spend your
free time, and one of your choices is to socialize with those around you. You
start these relationships essentially as strangers, but as you raise your
social link rank, your conversations grow more intimate.

Basically, everyone is fighting some inner battle; trying to
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‘Century City’ Review – Tappa Tappa Build Build

How many “city building” tap games have you played before? The answer is usually “just one and I hate them” or “five on a daily basis,” with very little room in between. Yes, Century City [Free] is another one of those “wait and tap” builders, but it sets itself apart with a few extra mechanics that allow you to play a more active role in your cities’ quest for unfettered expansion.

The bright and charming bit-style visuals are the first thing the developer did right, immediately evoking memories of those wonderful magazine “seek and find” spreads, or more recently, the intro to HBO’s Silicon Valley. Vehicles are roaming freely about the metropolis, boats are out and about in the ocean, and the city feels sufficiently full of life.

So what’s the core goal? Make money, so you can spend money, to make more money, to spend more money. You’ve heard it before, I’m sure. You’ll spend a lot of time tapping new building plots, which allow you to earn more gold, and waiting for them to refill — this is inevitable. But if you’re so inclined, you can head down into the gold mine to play a Cookie …read more

Blog Herding – The Best Blogs Of The Community (April 30, 2015)

This week the community’s blogs were, as always, full of wonderful topics
and writing. And somebody wrote about Freedom Fighters; Internet fist bump. A
lot of the community challenge responses surprised me and made me remember just
how eclectic video game characters can be.

On another note, our first community playdate went smoothly and
was a success! We won’t have a playdate this week, but I’ve got some important
details below you should check out if you’d like to play some games!

One more thing: Community member tstitan is setting a Super Smash Bros.
tournament into motion for the 3DS and Wii U
. All Game Informer community members are welcome!
Right now the tournament is planned for early May, so check out the post to
leave your Friend Code or Wii U Network ID and get in on the smashing action!

Community Blogs For April 23 – April 29:

What Does a 19-Year-Old Alien Look Like?
Alien: Isolation brought the Alien franchise back into the gaming spotlight
(for good reasons this time), but that’s not what blogger Kyle …read more

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DirectX 12 Can Push ‘6 to 12 Times’ the Polygons of DirectX 11

During the Build conference today Microsoft showed off capabilities of its next iteration of DirectX, DirectX 12.

Running the 2012 Final Fantasy Agni’s Philosophy demo on a positively beastly quad-SLI Digital Storm PC, Microsoft showed the demo running in real-time in Direct X 12. According to Microsoft, the demo was showing off 63 million polygons, or about 6 to 12 times as many as were shown on the same demo running DirectX 11.

Moving around the scene freely and adjusting lighting were shown off, as well as textures were at 8K x 8K. “Significantly more than we were able to do” with DX 11.

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