April 2015

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Activision Support Says ‘Stay Tuned’ on Call of Duty for Wii U

When it was revealed that Black Ops III would be coming out later this year, the Wii U was conspicuously absent from the list of platforms.

One Twitter asked the official Activision support account why the ability to link Nintendo Network IDs was on the Call of Duty site if the game wouldn’t be hitting Wii U. The response from support? “Stay tuned for more Wii U releases.”

The Call of Duty website allows gamers to link their Nintendo Network ID, a move that fueled speculation at the beginning of April that the next Call of Duty would make an appearance on Nintendo’s flagship console. The game is currently only slated to come to Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC.

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‘Pako – Car Chase Simulator’ Now Lets You Flee the Cops on a Zamboni

Pako – Car Chase Simulator [$0.99] has just gotten several new levels in its second big content update. You can now flee from the police in three new maps: the beach, a hockey rink, and wintertime Finland. The Finland level has the fake news brief in Finnish, a clever little detail. Why are the cops driving on to a hockey rink to run down a Zamboni? Who knows, but might as well score some goals with the hockey puck that’s there, eh?

There’s a few new cars that got introduced, like the Zamboni and the beach level’s supercar for you to try and deal with. Pako bills itself as a car chase simulator, and considering that these chases end after a few seconds and in fiery crashes, I think that’s pretty accurate! This update with the new content is available now, and all the maps are available as a free update, no IAP here.

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Kemco Drops The Price On A Few More RPGs, Here Are Our Picks

Their last sale just ended, but Kemco’s already rolling out their next one. I guess with that many games to your name on the App Store, you can pretty much just keep the sales coming if you want to. To be honest, this batch is a bit less exciting than the last one. All of these have been on sale before, and for cheaper to boot. But if you’re looking for a new JRPG and really don’t want to wait, you might find something in here to enjoy.

Apart from Fantasy Chronicle, everything in this sale comes from developer WorldWideSoftware. While they have their fans, I’m definitely not counted among them. Still, even among their titles, there are some worth looking into and some to avoid, and this particular sale represents that spectrum quite nicely. The full list of games on sale follows:

  • Fantasy Chronicle [$3.99]
  • Symphony Of The Origin [$3.99]
  • Aeon Avenger [$3.99]
  • Silver Nornir [$3.99]
  • End Of Aspiration [$3.99]

The best choice from this selection is Fantasy Chronicle. Developed by Hit-Point, this was one of Kemco’s earliest iOS releases. Although it’s fairly simple in scope compared to some later releases, I still feel it’s one of the high points …read more

Jotun Preview: Atmospheric Action-Adventure

One of the best parts of gaming is participating in epic, well-designed boss fights. We all enjoy overcoming what seems like an impossible challenge, and the feelings of satisfaction that are gained from doing so cannot be compared to anything else. Jotun takes the idea of challenging and unique boss battles and bases an entire game around that principle. Much like Shadow of the Colossus, the only gameplay in-between boss fights, is getting to other boss fights.

When I first booted up the alpha, I was met by a bit of text describing the backstory of the game. The basic version is that you play as Thora, who unfortunately did not meet her demise in as glorious a way as she could have hoped. In order to enter Valhalla, Thora must prove herself to the Gods by defeating the hulking behemoths. However, she is not alone in her journey. Thora receives powers from the Gods, which assist her in and out of battle.

Jotun is an empty game. I experienced feelings of loneliness while exploring the frozen wastelands, as I saw neither a person nor an animal for the entirety of …read more

Telltale’s Marvel Game Should Star This C-Tier Hero

The announced partnership between Marvel Studios and Telltale Games inevitably led to fevered speculation of what comic property The Walking Dead developers would tackle in 2017. Minds raced to some of the more obvious choices: The Punisher, Spider-Man, Daredevil. But with all due respect to Frank Castle, Peter Parker, and Matt Murdock, the under-appreciated Moon Knight would serve excellently as the subject of an episodic, dialogue-driven series while also offering new twists and possibilities for Telltale’s signature storytelling formula. Allow me to explain.

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‘Play Me Baby One More Time’ – Britney Spears is Following Kim Kardashian’s F2P Footsteps

If you like to get your news online, then you’ll know that it was impossible to avoid reading today about how Glu Mobile is following its mega hit, Kim Kardashian: Hollywood [Free], with a game starring the rejuvenated 90s icon, Britney Spears (there’s also a Katy Perry game on the way). Although Glu’s financial news was also fascinating, with the Chinese Internet giant, Tencent, buying 126 million dollars worth of Glu’s stocks (and in that way declaring its faith in Glu’s “Hollywood Gaming Platform” plan), what caught my attention was the incredible reach of an announcement regarding Britney starring in a mobile game. As I was browsing the news, I realized once more that even though many “hardcore” gamers feel that gaming resides in the traditional genres that have been around for many years, for most people outside the bubble of “traditional” gaming, a Britney Spears game by Glu, which many readers of this site won’t bother playing even once, is pretty much synonymous with contemporary gaming.

Most gamers will admit, often begrudgingly, that F2P games like Kim Kardashian (which made 100 million dollars since its launch in 2014) are very popular, but they’ll often add the …read more

Out Now Part 2: ‘Jurassic World’, ‘Skatelander’, ‘Galaga Tekken’, and ‘VEGA Conflict’

What seems to be the norm nowadays for App Store releases is for developers to do the normal Thursday midnight rollout so we have an idea on what’s coming out worldwide each week. But more and more developers schedule games later or at different release times, and this week, there’s a few stragglers that just now made it out on to the App Store.

Jurassic World™: The Game, Free
Yep, the game based on the revival of the Jurassic Park movies is finally out worldwide. You’ll be building your own park, raising dinosaurs, and then fighting them against other dinosaurs. Why? Because why not fight dinosaurs, eh? I have yet to hear a good counterargument to fighting dinosaurs.

Galaga : TEKKEN 20th Anniversary Edition, Free
We found out that this game was launching earlier this week, and it’s available worldwide. It’s literally Galaga but all the characters are replaced with Tekken characters. Why this exists, I don’t know, but I’m amused, and hey – free Galaga. It has a pretty clever control scheme where you have two sections, one where you slide your …read more