10 Unexpected, Weird Games We Want On Switch

By Javy Gwaltney

The Switch has had a busy year, with both exciting new releases and unexpected ports. Nintendo’s portable powerhouse continues to draw the interest of third-party and indie developers. We already wrote up the heavy-hitters we want to come to Switch, so we sat down and thought about the lesser-known stuff on the console, y’know, the weirdos. Here are 10 unexpected games we’d love to see on The Switch.

Heat Signature
From the maker of Gunpoint, Heat Signature is an ambitious, fun sci-fi indie that’s all about tactics and reaction timing. In Heat Signature, your mission is to board ships. Sometimes you’re killing everyone on said ship, sometimes you’re just sneaking around to steal tech. Either way Heat Signature is a great combination of action and strategy. Given the dearth of strategy games on The Switch, it’d be great to have this indie gem on there.

You can read Kyle Hilliard’s review of the game here.

Skies Of Arcadia
One of the Sega Dreamcast’s best games, Skies of Arcadia, a fantastical turn-based JRPG centered around SKY PIRATES, feels like it never got its due. Hey, the Switch gave L.A. Noire a second chance, so why not Skies …read more

Source:: Game Informer

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