‘Fortnite’ Patch 6.30 Adds The Food Fight LTM, Mounted Turrent, Android Fixes, And More

Fortnite (Free) patch 6.30 is finally here on all platforms and it adds a new LTM, a new weapon, various fixes for the iOS and Android version, and a lot more across the board including performance improvements for one aspect of the Switch version. The highlights include the Food Fight LTM that lets you make a mess in what looks like a Splatfest influenced mode and the Mounted Turrent (Legendary).

The Mounted Turrent is a legendary trap that can only be placed on floors. It can overheat if used to fire too often. The Food Fight Limited Time Mode lets you choose between #TeamBurger and #TeamPizza in the battle of Durrr Burger and Pizza Pit. A barrier runs across the middle and you need to build a fort to protect the mascot of your choice. The victory condition is destroying the enemy mascot. There’s a new Honk button available in the HUD Layout Tool and auto pickup and open doors have been set to off by default for new players. If you’re on Pixel 3 or Pixel 3 XL, the UI takes into account the notch with this update. Remember when Android OEMs made fun of the notch and …read more

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Loans marketplace Mintos scores €5M Series A and plans to launch a debit card

Mintos, the Latvian fintech that operates a global loans marketplace to let you invest in loans from various loan originators, has raised €5 million in Series A funding. Backing the startup once again is the Riga-based venture capital firm Grumpy Investments (previously known as Skillion Ventures). More noteworthy, the new capital will be used to launch a Mintos banking account and debit card, significantly expanding the company’s offering.

“Both banking account and the card in our opinion is a natural step in our journey of revolutionising financial services through technology and serving our investors and will nicely complement our current offering of investments in loans, and low-fee mid-market rate currency exchange,” Mintos co-founder and CEO Martins Sulte tells me. “This development also means that, theoretically, our investors won’t need their banks anymore”.

The Mintos banking account will act like any other IBAN account. You’ll be able to receive a salary into your Mintos account, use it to get paid by companies, or receive money from friends. And of course you’ll be able to transfer money out of your Mintos account, just like a regular bank account.

Sulte says the idea behind plans to launch a Mintos banking account, and the reason …read more

‘Dragalia Lost’ Update 1.1.5 Is Now Available With New Features And Improvements

Nintendo’s Dragalia Lost (Free) just got a big update today bringing it to version 1.1.5. This update coincides with the new event and to celebrate this, the team is giving everyone a Tenfold Summon Voucher. If you’ve been saving these from previous gifts, you might want to use one of them for the new event. I just use mine the moment I get them which has been both good and bad thanks to RNG. The main focus of this update is the new event and bringing new features and improvements to the core game.

Party member AI has been adjusted to be more attack focussed and to use more skills during quests. Gestures on iOS have been tweaked for swiping up to bring up multitasking after two repeated swipes. The Fafnir enemy in all Avenue to Power event quests does not guard anymore. Enemies that have been defeated will now disappear immediately. Notices will now display faster. After November 15th at 2 AM, the skip tickets you can acquire in the Daily Bonus will be increased to 3 and you will be able to buy more skip tickets in the show while …read more