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105 Death Stranding Details You Might Have Missed

Death Stranding still remains a bit of a mystery, but after years of trickled trailers and footage, things aren’t nearly as hazy any more. We got a massive taste of what its director Hideo Kojima thinks will start a new genre at Tokyo Game Show 2019, from its tiniest of details to the larger scope of the title’s gameplay.

We’ve rounded up every cinematic and trailer and collected every minute detail we could about the gameplay so far so you wouldn’t have to put every single one of the pieces together yourself. From E3, to Gamescom, to The Game Awards, and all the way to Tokyo Game Show, check out everything we noticed in the gallery bellow.

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The List of PlayStation 4’s Crossplay Games

A generation ago, it would have been unthinkable to have multiple consoles play online against each other in some of the biggest multiplayer video games. Now, it’s almost unthinkable for them not to have it. Players are increasingly insistent that they can play their favorite competitive and co-op games with other people regardless of platform, and third-party developers are there to fulfill that desire, such as Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

With Sony finally jumping into the cross-play initiative on a game-by-game basis late last year, it might be hard to figure out which games support cross-play and which do not. Here you can find a list of the games that you can play on PlayStation 4 with friends on other platforms.

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Check Out a New Video of Upcoming Action RPG ‘Monolisk’ in Action

Back in May developer Trickster Arts unveiled the latest project that they had been working on, an action RPG called Monolisk. It featured a really cool art style, as well as environments that sort of “flew in” very similarly to the classic Bastion. It also featured five different highly customizable playable characters as well as all manner of loot to equip them with. Pretty standard fare for the genre, to be honest. What stood out about Monolisk is its emphasis on creating your own dungeons (which are called “Shards” in the game) and sharing them with others online. Those who play your creations can then rate them upon completion, and the creators with highly rated levels would be able to earn some additional loot for their efforts. It was a really cool concept and one you don’t really see on mobile. Now some four months later and Trickster Arts is showing off the first video of a user created Shard. This one features the Red Knight and was created by Khrypt.

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Trailer Tuesday – Mothers of the Lost Squid Kingdom

Command the legions of Death herself in a 1bit RTS, help three explorers brave puzzling mountains, and crawl around the Old West in a Steampunk airship in this week’s Trailer Tuesday.

Death Crown

Death Crown is a minimalist real time strategy game in a 1bit style, where you will be play Death herself, commanding her legions of death, and punishing humanity’s Kingdom for its overconfidence.”

Death Crown is available now on and Steam.

Crowns and Pawns: Kingdom of Deceit

“Milda, a girl from Chicago, unexpectedly receives the last will of her deceased grandfather – it appears that she is an heir and the last guardian of a mysterious family secret. Following a handful of obscure hints, Milda is thrown into an adventurous, puzzle packed search for the truth.”

Crowns and Pawns: Kingdom of Deceit is currently in development, but in the meantime, you can add it to your Steam Wishlist.

Desert Mothers

Desert Mothers is a meditative, multiplayer virtual reality experience. Players begin in the same procedurally-generated environment. This begins to diverge for each player as their personal environment, composed of individualized …read more

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GoCardless launches U.S. debit payments solution and opens San Francisco office

GoCardless, the London fintech that aims to become the one-stop shop globally for businesses that want to let customers pay via recurring bank payments, has launched a U.S. debit solution.

The company has also opened an office across the pond in San Francisco’s financial district, headed up by Andrew Gilboy, General Manager, North America, who was previously the company’s Chief Revenue Officer.

Specifically, GoCardless’ new U.S. product supports debit payments on the ACH (Automated Clearing House) network. This means that businesses can use the GoCardless platform to offer U.S. consumers the option to pay by recurring bank payments, as an alternative to a credit card, for example. Likewise, companies can use GoCardless for debit payments for B2B transactions, such as relating to SaaS subscriptions, invoices or instalments.

It is the B2B use case where GoCardless thinks there is the biggest opportunity for recurring payments, since, unlike in the U.K., for example, the biggest competitor would be writing cheques. That’s costly and slow by 2019 standards and doesn’t provide anything like the visibility that direct debits and ACH affords.

“By using the ACH debit network on the GoCardless platform, merchants can pull payments directly from their customers’ bank accounts, at a lower cost than …read more

The Guns of Borderlands 3: A Revolving Journal

From corroding the oversized armor of the arrogant Crimson Lance to shorting out deranged mechs Borderlands has always excelled at giving our bloodthirsty id something to wallow in. Now the new game is upon us, and, if you’re like me, you’re probably curious what tools of destruction 2K has given us. So, to quell our mutual curiosity I am embarking on a journey. A journey to uncover the best, most brutal weapons in the Borderlands. I’ll be updating regularly as I uncover more but without further hesitation here are the best guns I’ve found so far. As Claptrap commands, “Let’s reek righteous vengeance!”

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E3 May Be About to Get Better

Ryan and Brandin discuss and analyze the week’s Xbox news, including the big changes proposed for E3 2020 and how they should make the event better, Ubisoft’s doubling-down on large-scale blockbuster games, Gears 5’s fast start on Xbox Game Pass, Madden’s big sales and the surprising #2 selling game of August, the return of The Game Awards, and more!

Subscribe on any of your favorite podcast feeds, or grab an MP3 download of this week’s episode. For more awesome content, check out the latest episode of IGN Unfiltered, featuring a career-spanning interview with longtime Remedy writer Sam Lake – he of Max Payne, Alan Wake, Quantum Break, and Control fame. Watch it below:

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Kojima Explains 59 Minutes of Death Stranding Gameplay (Now in English)

At this year’s Tokyo Game Show Hideo Kojima unveiled 59-minutes of Death Stranding gameplay with commentary. IGN has a full translation of Kojima’s gameplay commentary from TGS 2019, which was previously only available in Japanese.

Watch the video above to see the full gameplay demonstration, now with English subtitles.

Be sure to check out everything we learned about the Death Stranding gameplay from its original showcase at TGS 2019, and check out the other TGS Death Stranding video for a deeper look at customization.

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35 Ways To Celebrate The Transformers 35th Anniversary

As a kid on his way home from school in the mid-80s, few things got me more excited than the prospect of rushing through the door, flinging down my bag, and catching the latest episode of Transformers. It was a ritual in my house, and the characters, music, and images of that cartoon are embedded in my memory.

Mine wasn’t the only generation that has enjoyed these strange robot creations. Over the years, the Transformers have regularly reinvented themselves with new iterations across comics, movies, cartoons, games, toys, novels, and more, all while still celebrating what has come before.

Today marks the 35th anniversary of when the cartoon first aired, with the first episode of the three-part “More Than Meets The Eye” opening arc. To celebrate, here’s 35 ways you can mark the occasion, celebrating the surprisingly enduring franchise that continues to fascinate both kids and adults in 2019.

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Twitch acquires gaming database site IGDB to improve its search and discovery features

Amazon-owned Twitch has made a small but strategic acquisition designed to improve its search capabilities and better direct viewers to exactly the right content. The company is acquiring IGDB, the Internet Games Database (no relation to Amazon’s IMDb), a website dedicated to combining all the relevant information about games into a comprehensive resource for gamers everywhere. As a result of the acquisition, IGDB’s database will now feed into Twitch’s search and discovery feature set. However, the IGDB website itself will not be shut down.

Founded in 2015 by Christian Frithiof and a small team based in Gothenburg, Sweden, IGDB sources its gaming content both through community contributions and automation.

The site includes useful information for every game, like the genre, platforms supported, description, member and critic ratings and reviews, storyline, game modes, publisher, release dates, characters, and more. You could also find less common details like how long it would take to play the game in question, or the player perspectives the game offered, among other things.

And similar to IMDb’s mission of organizing everything associated with the entertainment industry, IGDB allowed voice talent to claim their profile on its site, in addition to listing …read more